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Special Access: Pre-Registrations and Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. Ship it to a friend in America!
  2. Hey, didn't you say in the first place that the Nabu was meant to make more people gamers? In that case, giving it to hardcore gamers first completely defeats the purpose!
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  3. jeremyb303

    jeremyb303 New Member

    I really appreciate the explanation of your process.
  4. jseningen

    jseningen New Member

    Should have just issued a private invite directly to those you deem "hardcore fans" and not give the impression that anyone that pre-registered had an opportunity
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  5. ZayleZx

    ZayleZx New Member

    Just bought Vespula and Goliathus extend now Wallet got hole. hardcore fan here in Singapore still waiting for Nabu ^^
  6. Dr.ToastyBuns

    Dr.ToastyBuns New Member

    With the next pre-orders will they be green(or some sort of color), or are you doing all black again????
  7. Diamondback17

    Diamondback17 New Member

    I really like the way this is done, honestly. I see it as a privilege, not a right. Lol.
  8. MajinBow

    MajinBow New Member

    I understand, but why still no indonesia in delivery address.....how can i get the Nabu (T_T)

    SUPERCILEX Active Member

    Thanks a ton for all the detailed info on the pre-pre-order system! :D I hope this calms everyone down a bit and prevents frustration...
    Thanks again Min!
  10. StupidPeanut

    StupidPeanut New Member

    haha you mean, get a friend to ship it for me? from the US? xD I live in Canada, so I'll just wait, just wanted to know the plan if they are going to be planning for Canada to be in there sometime soon, or is it just going to go US, EU, AP, Rest.
  11. antonioj

    antonioj Active Member

    So, will the next wave have more than 5000 units?
  12. knives3057

    knives3057 Member

    I just don't get it. The only real qualification to getting one was having a quick internet connection and auto fill. Not even that frustrated that I missed out on the 5000, just feel like there were better ways to offer it out than a quick click contest
  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Min-Liang Tan is welcome to correct my assumption here -- however, I think perhaps yourself and others may have mistakenly referred to this as the rollout. This isn't the official public release, or anything remotely resembling that. It's a special event and pre-release.

    Also, as to the people who have said that they felt that not everyone had the same opportunity, I'm afraid I disagree. (outside of the e-mail issue that some have had, which I'm not convinced was Razer's fault since there are so many variables there to begin with) We all had the exact same opportunity to log in and QUICKLY purchase one of the first 5000 Nabu available. Sure, they all sold out in the first 15 seconds -- but everyone who received their e-mail on time was on an equal playing field the moment the clock struck 6pm PST.

    And in that regard, yeah, really only those who were willing to be really hardcore were going to be there refreshing the site starting minutes prior and on the ball like their lives depended on it. As was said previously, this wasn't the public release, that's still to come ... in addition to so much more... the real die hard Razer fans will be willing to ride the ups and downs, including the missteps, just for the *chance* to get in something early. Even if they don't end up getting the item/software/whatever.

    To my knowledge, they have not yet announced how many units will be included for the second wave of the Razer|Insider pre-release.
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  14. sleekBeaverbyte112

    sleekBeaverbyte112 Active Member

    Unpopular opinion or not, I agree with the bolded statement above.
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  15. DevilsTestament

    DevilsTestament New Member

    I am going to take a gamble here just because I saw Ming actually respond to a forum member above and I'm not sure if this is even you... But assuming it was you replying to the member I have a question how come I email you and facebooked you about a year ago when Nabu was announced and never got a respond from you? I have been so obsessed with the Nabu since day one and I even went as far as giving you ideas as to what I thought the Nabu should've been as opposed to what it currently is. I don't see it being an extension to our daily lives I think you need to go a step further and try to take the market as soon as you can with this and I have so many ideas for it that I wish I could just speak with you for 30 mins and give you my input. On the way to work now hopefully you can keep in touch. Thank you in advance.
  16. HipsterDino

    HipsterDino Member

    So does this mean with the next (coming) waves are we going to need to re-register? i just dont see how unless they are still accepting application for the next waves wouldnt this mean that people who already ordered it can get more? if thats the case this could lead to just people buying to resell it! I just dont want any trouble when i try and get this. its something i really want and have been enjoying Razer products for years! i thought i was a hardcore fan but even waiting 10-30mins beforehand refreshing every time i could just to get errors and what not really makes me feel this might not be worth it. but i would really like it for xmas which is what im trying to get!
  17. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    Well it would be nice if it was Ming giving an answer to my question but since you choose to be the mouthpiece in these matters, whether this is the real"rollout" or not a rollout is immaterial. Many have also referred to these as the "first" nabus too which is technically not true considering we have the developer and beta editions but that is not important. My missive was directed at Ming's idea of who is and isn't a hardcore follower of Razer and how if there is going to be a criterion based on that metric that translating that to the masses can be vague and if you are going to be truly transparent then give us a yardstick. If not you can at least make everyone be regulated by it. You say that everyone that received the entry letter had a fair shot to jockey for purchase. That is not the issue, the issue is that there were those that hadn't fully fit the criterion that would have made them the so called hardcore and they still got in, possibly knocking out more worthy posters. Is that fair? Maybe if it was kept to tighter constraints this could have seen more long term supporters get the device over those that got one on the slightest of requirements and effort up until the day of release, Mapsle asked a great question that references this:

    Mapsle said: ↑
    "are you going to separate the people who "spammed" their way up from the "real" active-members? - or are you just going to reward the ones who are in notable members?

    Would love to get a little benefit for the 2nd wave, as I was unlucky with the first one "

    Min-Liang Tan
    Staff Member
    For the first couple of special access initiatives, we won't be putting this in but we'll definitely have mechanisms to reward those who post truly helpful/interesting posts as opposed to the spammy type members. I'll be revealing too much if I go on more but rest assured this will be done in the future."

    As well Mr. Tan has also stated in his original post that in trying to judge demand for new products they have been generally "terrible at this". That is what my comments were for and I realise it may seem like I am being unfair to your favorite company but I still think these things had to be said and I await his response if any. I think my letter was cogent in that regard and I think I asked appropriate questions and thought of some things to consider when it comes to creating a satisfactory experience for any and all Razer is seeking to sell to. I also think your comment on those that pound the refresh button the moment the site went active being the true hardcore is a bit glib. That totally neglects that there are members on here that have been Razer followers longer than some who got in on registration with the slightest of requirements but were just quick enough to score a nabu. Being quick on the F5 key does not equate to being a hardcore Razer fan anymore than those that came in last minute for a discounted pre-retail nabu. I hope Mr. Tan agrees with me on that
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  18. Nanoforge

    Nanoforge Active Member

    Anybody who wishes to be considered for the second wave will have to re-register when the process starts up again.
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  19. HipsterDino

    HipsterDino Member

    Good to know, thanks! although i guess this means people who already got their hands on one already will also be able to reapply!
  20. antonioj

    antonioj Active Member

    I´m sure people that already got one won´t qualify for the second wave, despite being able to register...that would be outrageous
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