SPECIAL Chinese New Year 2018

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by brian.edition, Feb 7, 2018.

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  1. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    On Feb. 16th Chinese New Year 2018 will start for 2 weeks, this Year will be the Year of the dog.

    Probably 2 days after Valantines Day Overwatchers will be greeted with exiting skins again but this time can celebrate for 4 weeks to gather in game goodies like special new year skins.

    Razer celebrates Chinese new year each year aswell.
    I wonder with what surprises they will come forth in 2018 along with the gold version of the Razer phone?
    Perhaps an exclusive wallpaper and Nova theme?

    In the post of @Razer.WolfPack about the Golden Razer Phone we can see 2 red envelopes...Didn't see the gold variant of the Razer Phone on check out yet, maybe on the 16th I could asume, maybe a little earlier so some lucky ones will be able to order/receive it by time when the new years start.

    I my self made 2 custom watchfaces dedicated to us Razer Fans & Community and @mltan CEO Edition.

    I was thinking of making a special red + gold Razer chinese new year watchface but making a watchface isn't all that easy too, well it takes a lot of time and the result has to look good /stylish... Meaning there's thoughts made behind the final design.
    The current 2 Razer watchfaces I made run on the Gear S3 frontier, classic and sport and the watch itself should be compatible with the Razer phone (couldn't try it to confirm since I don't own a Razer phone. Specswise from Android version etc it should be compatible)
    If it wouldn't be for bills and food I would love to actually grab the gold version, just a guess, as it might be limited, maybe to 1337 units xD

    Are you exited for the gold edition and will you get it?
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  2. ElementOne

    ElementOne Active Member

    I'll post pictures probably today or tomorrow once it arrives. It's still with FedEx now.
  3. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    I'll trade you then my gold S7edge xD

    Seriously, as soon u got it let us know. Would love to see it
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes I was, but in EU there’s no where you can get Special Gold Edition.
    This guy made unboxing video and he and other youtube reviewers didn’t even mention lunar years celebration;)
  5. brian.edition

    brian.edition Well-Known Member

    P.S. You`ll probably already know but on Overwatch the Lunar Skins are now available till the March 5th
  6. smartspaceship

    smartspaceship New Member

    I'm actually confused with what this post is about tho
  7. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Can't wait to see. :)
    Kinda funny, now when I see new things one of my first thoughts is "Ohh, I hope @ElementOne gets one in his collection. lol
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