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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by Dekades, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Dakaruh

    Dakaruh New Member

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  2. Kinetick

    Kinetick New Member

    Hey FYI, cortex isnt registering my CSGO play time.... not sure if this is a widespread issue or just me but I'll be playing Dota2 or COD instead until they fix it. Dota2 seems to be registering play time fine.
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  4. Poggey

    Poggey New Member

    Nothing is registering for me too.
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  5. 57ohno

    57ohno New Member

  6. MaxwellFK

    MaxwellFK New Member

    Hello, i have been playing World of warcraft using the Razer Cortex link for almost 2 hours now, i can see other players time recorded, but no time for me or my team, anything going on? I did claim my 50 silver on the other reward program, but on the squad rewards is showing nothing
  7. ziprus_wil

    ziprus_wil New Member

  8. MaxwellFK

    MaxwellFK New Member

    Guess i will have to download another game, any suggestions in games that are awarding time to the squads?
  9. GKiant

    GKiant New Member

    from free games i would suggest u to go with dota or cs
    Btw boys, looking for active squad, ready to farm 4h right after reset everyday, pm me
  10. ValorDi

    ValorDi New Member

    Are you here ? want an active squad?
  11. ValorDi

    ValorDi New Member

    needs 2 active players . I have 1 active player, 2 for some reason are not active yet.

    don't know how to contact a player on the team?
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  12. grayyeon

    grayyeon New Member

    guys let me join your squad i play everday 8hrs gameplay of valo and dota.
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  13. ValorDi

    ValorDi New Member

    will you go to the team?
  14. grayyeon

    grayyeon New Member

  15. MaxwellFK

    MaxwellFK New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions, fortunately about two hors after the countest started i got my hours registered, so i am good for now, and yes i was thinking between Destiny 2 and Dota 2, i will install both just in case
  16. ValorDi

    ValorDi New Member

    needs 1 active players.
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  17. GKiant

    GKiant New Member

    will be able to join in 23hours. According to terms of use, all accumulated hours will come with me when i'll join. But no hard feelings if u don't wanna wait XD
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  18. 052417

    052417 New Member

    Yep sir, I am well aware of it :)
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  19. nicodk1212

    nicodk1212 New Member

  20. Darkraihs

    Darkraihs Active Member

    Ok, That's cool!
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