Stargazer - Intel RealSense Camera Manager firmware fails

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by rashagervaisovitch, Mar 22, 2018.

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  1. rashagervaisovitch

    rashagervaisovitch New Member

    I had to reinstall my Stargazer which was working as my Windows Hello device. Please advise if there is a known fix for this issue.

    Platform: Windows 10 - fully updated as of 22-Mar-2018

    Stargazer (SR300) that I've used since it came out for Windows Hello.

    The problem seems to be the Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager SR300 will not install. It returns an error of: "Intel RealSense 3D camera firmware update failed.".

    I have tried uninstalling related components and re-installing with no change in result. When I review the firmware update log (directed to it with the error above) the only clue I can see is a "Error registry key access denied", but no hint as to what the key is that is failing.

    The log has the following near the error:

    Camera Generation: Ivcam 1.5
    Camera Connection Type: Peripheral
    Device ID: 3ca74e5
    Serial Number: 609203000049
    OEM ID: 0xcafecafe
    Firmware Revision:
  2. Anyone from Razer care to comment on when we will be able to use our Stargazers again? Right now I have an expensive monitor decoration.
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