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Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by ACE7F22, Jan 18, 2018.

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    I know others mention this, and when I said something to someone else, they got confused. They thought I meant the old mice that had the trackball on the bottom. I wish to be specific, and start a movement towards bringing back the topside trackball mouse, particularly one for gaming.

    (Also to some people, the Trackball is mounted on the side, not exactly on the very top of the mouse, however I'm still calling it topside as it's not on the bottom.)

    • They save desk room, and some people just have more dexterity in their thumbs. Not to mention the fear of spilling a drink from swiping too far or fast. Drinks would be safer.
    • Rolling a ball could also mean longer gaming sessions with less fatigue, as apposed to regular mice you have to rapidly slide on a mat, being that the mouse with a top trackball doesn't need to move.
    • The ball could also be swapped out, easily cleaned, and in my opinion, better than a collection of mouse pads for different play styles. Technically, the ball is like a fine tuned surface held by the mouse rather than placed under the mouse, and they can be textured or smooth for different feels and speed.
    • Also, the benefits of not needing a desk for those who game on laptops. Topside trackball mice can be used on just about any surface, even blankets and cushions, and you still get the same performance. Mouse and tracking surface together makes gaming on the go much more convenient as well.

    Bottom line, the trackball mouse is still relevant, and I believe it's long over do for a gaming focused model, especially one from Razer. Imagine having one of those next to your keyboard with a big glowing ring of color and effects you can customize. Let's not forget switches for sensitivity and extra buttons for that gaming advantage. (;

    That all being said, I want to open this topic for people to share ideas, and not just talk about this, but get the ball rolling. Let's see sketches, 3D models, even just a cool useful suggestion, whatever gets us closer to seeing this product I'm sure many of us have been waiting for. Honestly, I'm amazed that it hasn't already happened.

    Just to let the community know, I'll try to keep up with comments, and support this thread. It's the only one I plan on doing.

    Just to be clear, this is an example. Just Razer could do it better, and cooler. Lighting, gaming components, style, flexibility with different buttons and programming. Trackball Mouse image.jpg
    By the way, this is one by Elocom.
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