[Status update] Blade 2016 shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. Still no tracking from MS I ordered Saturday 130am EST and shipping to New York.
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  2. My point exactly. Microsoft shits these things out every 12 hours and I can't get a Pre-order from March 18th to ship. I'm going back to my Grandma's typewriter.
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  3. Forte323

    Forte323 New Member

    I placed my "pre-order" April 12 expecting it to ship April 25. I received my second order updated email from Razer two days ago indicating my order was delayed from May 18 to May 25. As such, I sent an email to <ordersupport> for further clarification and information. I denoted my discontent with everything related to the Blade delays. I got the generic response everyone else received, further angering me as I was seeking a humane response. Now, I'm going out of country May 29 for a trip without a laptop I planned to receive well before.

    Honestly, I think I may just cancel my order. If I get it at all, I would much rather get it through Microsoft because I can get the student discount and not have to deal with Razer. They have shown me enough to earn my disdain. But hey, I'm a quick BART ride away from San Francisco. So I'm thinking about showing up at the grand opening of their store and if I see ANY Razer Blades... ohhh boy.
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  4. I'm south central, ordered from MS Saturday at 2 AM EST, still waiting :)
  5. Check your credit card and see if there is a pending charge from Microsoft. If there is, and you chose expedited shipping, you will get it tomorrow.
  6. And out of stock again
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  7. BackProp

    BackProp Member

    There's a pending charge on my card, no tracking # yet, placed the order this AM. Located in CA and also chose expedite.
  8. Jgrant8065_no_id

    Jgrant8065_no_id New Member

    Yes I got my razer from Ms store on the last batch they put out. So excited + 2 day shipping out the door for 1970$
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  9. VeryCrushed

    VeryCrushed Active Member

    Well my 950 Pro just arrived. Now I just have to wait till tomorrow to get the laptop...

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  10. Has your tracking number moved out of "Order Processed: Ready for UPS" yet? Got my tracking number yesterday, yet its now Monday and the UPS status has not changed......
  11. TheGurgeMan, check your PM's PLZ.
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  12. Fuchsiadatasleek821

    Fuchsiadatasleek821 New Member

    Has anybody who got their tracking number from MS seen movement yet?
    They sent it to me yesterday but I've been waiting for UPS tracking to show it past the Ready For UPS step all day. (Also it says Service: UPS Ground when I paid for expedited. Hopefully not a mix up.)
  13. VeryCrushed

    VeryCrushed Active Member

    No, but that's normal at least for any packages I had go through the UPS. I never expect tracking info to really be up to date for 12 hours after seeing "Ready For UPS"

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  14. Technometry

    Technometry Active Member

    Your June 17th is going to be appreciably less exciting now.
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  15. Mine says UPS Ground as well. Most companies now think that even if you pay for the fastest shipping option, if they can get a estimated delivery date that is within 1 day on a cheaper service than its ok to do that! I have had some success in the past complaining and getting the shipping refunded!
  16. VeryCrushed

    VeryCrushed Active Member

    MS was in line before anyone, what MS does with there blades is out of Razer's control. You could have held off to when the MS Store had them in stock. Razer DID say MS would have them.

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  17. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Will do.
    I just dont check them often, because I only check the forums on my mobile since my computer is crap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. Technometry

    Technometry Active Member

    And Thank God they did, too. A bunch of unhappy Razer customers became instantly happy, and haven't looked back yet. It is funny when people think that their individual preorder is more important than Microsoft's, who orders thousands upon thousands. That is the reality of Capitalism, why would anyone expect anything less?
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  19. I'm on the same boat
  20. Sylvermyst1

    Sylvermyst1 New Member

    I must have been one of the very first pre-orders on the website... Ordered on March 22nd. Received multiple delay e-mails... they most recently sent me a congratulations e-mail saying it will be shipping "soon".

    So let me get this straight. The folks who pre-ordered direct from Razer are still without their laptops, meanwhile orders have served and shipped through Microsoft?

    What the heck, guys?
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