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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 19, 2016.

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  1. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    I was planning on getting the Core. With the delays I wonder if the June on our $100 credit will be extended. I mean, originally it was a two month or so time frame to pick up the core with the credit but now we are looking at a half month at best.

    To be honest I am OK with Pascal not being in the laptop. While it sure would be awesome, I'd rather spend my money on the desktop variant with the core as long as the numbers and performance made it worth it.
  2. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    One can dream .....
  3. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    Oh and also, I already have all my peripherals at home waiting for the laptop to be delivered for unboxing. So a free case is worthless to me. I'd rather have another $50 credit towards the core or something like that.
  4. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    As an employee that has been working closely with various internal teams for five years - I'd hardly think this is an important point to speculate on and if I have to drop a personal note - I'd wish to say that there are excellent teams that work around the clock to deliver the best products and I have absolute faith that the product you guys receive will be to standards.

    Why I'd say it isn't important - one, I am fairly sure whatever I'd say would easily be met with a "you say that because Razer pays you a salary", two, this doesn't change the situation our fans and customers are in.

    I'd like to suggest we stay on track with this conversation.

    Waiting sucks, and a longer wait is worse - but I believe I've covered that the reasons for the wait can come from a variety of reasons. We've delayed products before to ensure they are perfect the same reason we would can a design that we didn't like, we've also met with overwhelming demand that we can't fulfill the back orders.

    It can also mean that it becomes all the more tricky for us in looking at communicating a date. Do we say a date only to miss it, or do we not give a date at all?
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  5. TheGurgeMan7

    TheGurgeMan7 Well-Known Member

    Same for me, I already bough the mouse, keyboard, headphones, and I am just waiting for rhe blade now...
  6. Just chiming in here. Personally I'm upgrading from a desktop I built back in 2007 so really Id be happy with just about anything at this point :)

    No one is happy with delay but I've been really surprised at the, at times, vicious remarks from folks here ... my wife would laugh to see me type this as I'm not known for my patience :). Now if this were a fast food hamburger and it took more than 20 minutes to produce I'd be upset because its suppose to be fast. But we're talking about a precision machine here, I would be far more upset if Razer shipped a defective machine and I had to spend the time to return it to get it fixed. Especially if they sold it knowing of the defect.

    Don't want to sounds preachy and apologies if I am coming across that way. But at the end of the day I'm not saving lives with this machine and am trying to keep things in perspective. I'll wait for my machine, I won't like having to wait longer than initially told and really think Razer needs to work on its communication but I'll wait and my guess is that I'll probably love the machine I get. Just my two cents.
  7. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    My only suggestion is that, unless Razer is 100% sure that they'll be able to ship the Blade on May 18th if I ordered today (that's the date showing on razerzone), they should change it's store status to "available soon" or "notify me" ?

    Some people who preordered early reported that their date is now "ships from May 25th". **IF** this is true, then there will just be more frustration amongst customers who place their preorder today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks ...

    BTW, I'm not complaining, I did not preorder : I'm waiting for the reviews on the Blade and the Core before making my move. I might wait for a Pascal based version though :wink_:
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  8. Of course I 100% agree that it has to be perfect. I have 5 Razer products that's been running 4 years now and only the Orochi has failed me after 2 years (double click issue). Other than that, I also believe that the system would be near perfect when you release it. And no, I'm not the type of person that throws out "Razer pays your salary". You work there because you like it there and because you believe in your team that backs you up.

    2 days have passed, your engineers are working overtime fixing the issue. I really do hope you guys have a very good PR statement on this delay. 2 days is an eternity for anxious people waiting for their machines and getting zero updates.

    I like how you answer the question and steered away from other questions. Kind of disappointed that you totally ignored the question if you are bothered or not, not knowing anything about the delay. Anyway, i can't squeeze out answer from the beginning if it would jeopardize your work.

    On a side note, I think everyone that pre ordered day 0 or not should get a case and a core discount extension. A delay is a delay no matter how you look at it for me. Their schedule got pushed back also like the rest of the people who pre ordered and expected on the "ship date"

    If you guys are putting pascal cards on it i would place an order again and happily wait even for 3 months =)
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  9. I constantly see these arguments about how the delays are necessary for the system to be perfect, like a weird kind of humble-brag about how great the final product will be. The product should have already been "perfect" and ready for the release date. Things happen and delays are caused but it really is a simple matter to communicate why to your customers. It does come off as curious that so much effort needs to go into a statement as to why orders will be shipped late.

    And as I said earlier, the picking and choosing of who gets a freebie for having their system delivered late is also quite...curious is again the nicest word that applies.
  10. Are you talking about post production design change? I don't believe that's quite financially wise and "engineeringly" possible to change design mid / post production. Design or engineering change in the middle or post production would incur massive financial loss specially if the design got canned near a release date.
  11. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Which is perfectly understandable, and fine really. Our fans have come to expect more from us from how far we've come.
    And we did just that - it is a simple communication. We've sent out emails to inform of the delay and we provided an estimated ship date. If there are more updates, we will be sure to provide them.
  12. In the post you quoted I said communicate why, sorry but you did not do that.
  13. Emeraldcampbyte532

    Emeraldcampbyte532 New Member

    @Razer|Technokat I really appreciate that you took the time to respond. Direct feedback definitely makes all the difference in the world during times like these. You earned a lot of respect on behalf of Razer today in my book.

    I have to agree with you on a few different points you made. I'd also like to apologize for any less than professional attitude expressed, I am definitely agitated from this unfortunate experience (as are many others). It's definitely understandable that there are delays in the process, especially when Razer (in my own experience) develops very-high quality products.

    I'd like to suggest a solution(s) that would definitely develop greater trust between consumers like myself and Razer. If there are going to be delays etc be far less optimistic about timings or establish a more quality means of communication between people who have material intentions.

    Some people may think that a freebie or something similar would rectify this whole situation. In my opinion clarity of situations like these would go a lot further. Tell your peoples up the ladder to trust our faith in you as consumers a little more.
  14. For me it isn't about the "freebie" it's about the fact that some get the freebie and some don't. All customers have their systems delayed, and by a pretty, in my opinion, ridiculous amount and still with no communication as to why we are waiting. But only some of those customers are important enough to be appeased with a case. I would have been just as happy if nobody got something than if everybody did but some people getting something others don't is wacky.
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  15. Emeraldcampbyte532

    Emeraldcampbyte532 New Member

  16. Blomster

    Blomster Member

    re communications as to why

    The community moderator described exactly why products have been delayed in the past; both internal and external reasons; and described the reasons.

    So what specific level of reason are you seeking beyond this? ie, are you looking for specifically which department, which employee is initiating the hold process; the employment status or updates from that specific employee?

    Not only do I doubt we'd ever see such specificity to a design, team or individual level, I also don't think it's any of our business.

    So I'll ask out of curiosity - what level of specificity are you looking for? department? supply chain provider? employee name?
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  17. For others it is and the topic hasn't been addressed by Razer which is why it is worth bringing up.
  18. "why products have been delayed in the past" really provides no information for those who are waiting on a currently delayed product.

    If you were pulled over and the officer gave you a ticket that said "here's a list of reasons that people have been pulled over in the past" would that satisfy you?
  19. Blomster

    Blomster Member

    So based on your analogy, you're looking to be cited the specific team placing a hold on a process; the ID of the employee, information on the hold - its definition, limits and scope, costs and ETA to overcome.

    not going to happen... Even one of those items; it's not going to happen. Instead, i'd suggest you simply relax, sit back, enjoy whatever rig you currently have and when the shipment occurs, it occurs; or cancel if you need something in the next few days and order an established system already shipping by Razer or another manufacture.
  20. No, that's not what I'm looking for and nobody with a grade school reading comprehension would interpret it that way.
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