[Status update] Razer Core shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    Good to hear! Share any thing you can please!

    I can deal with the cord, just please someone give us a release date!
  2. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    i made a very nice and polite thread only asking for any release info we could get. A hint, a window, anything...instantly was deleted. I guess we are not going to get that information. Nothing was rude in what i asked, at all... sometimes i feel the policing on the forums can go a little over-board. Why can we not discuss the matter in a specific thread where the discussion can easily be found instead of having to skim multiple threads that dont have to do with a release date? Oh well i guess. I tried.
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  3. If you signed up for the newsletter or "Notify Me" button then you will get an email when the day it is released. I would also like some info, but also early in this post someone from Razer said they stopped the orders to catch up with these ones and since they just shipped out the second shipment then it should be soon.
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  4. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    Yes i know lol i have, too many times to count. Like i said, all it was doing was requesting ANY actual insight. I still dont see why we cant discuss in a specific thread for release, not shipping. I mean this is "razer insider". Did it for all of us.

    I guess i was more shocked that it was deleted so abruptly...
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  5. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    So a Reddit user has tried the RBS with Core and 980Ti and got 4039 3DMark score, which is nearly identical to the desktop real deal, and well over minimum VR requirements. With a Blade 14" this should get even better. Good news, just hope we can all order one soon.
  6. Diblegs

    Diblegs Member

    So you can play Dark Souls 3 on the RBS + Core if you have a good GPU?
    I were worried that you would need a i7 quad core, and that the dual core would not be sufficient
  7. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    Apparently you can and really well.
    BTW just missed the initial stock of the GTX 1080 lol. I don't have a core yet so it doesn't matter.
  8. Ahanix

    Ahanix Member

    I'm not sure the Blade 14" would actually give any higher scores, as you said yourself, this is basically on par with desktop. The 1-5% variable most likely is coming from either PCI Express 3.0 x4 speeds from the Core, or the 40GB/s transfer rate from the TB3.
  9. Thanks for the info!!!
  10. Sidedoor

    Sidedoor Member

    Yeah, thanks for the info. Just need the core to come back on sale. Me and everyone else on here
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  11. CaptainJolly

    CaptainJolly Member

    I completely agree with Razer's new mode of thinking not to have a release date until they have units in stock and ready to go...but Core's have gone out the door now, its no longer a quality control issue (unless they're using the relatively small amount pre-orders as a sort of Beta test). If they're just waiting for the ship to unload and the containers to clear customs, seems like there'd be at least a rough estimate.

    Something along the lines of:
    "Have a good Memorial Day weekend everybody, no news on the Core or a release date will come until at least next week"

    I know someone will point out the 'Notify Me' on the website, and I've done that...but having an idea when to look for them would be helpful...I don't really pay attention to me email all day long unless I'm expecting something. Missing out on the 1st and 2nd shipments has caused me to have a delay...if there's a 3rd shipment before a general release, I don't want it to slip by.
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  12. Nirebas

    Nirebas New Member

    My Core is supposed to arrive today. Can't wait to get it and try it out. I was able to get an order in on March 24th.
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  13. Road_Runner86

    Road_Runner86 Member

    Me too, on the core arriving today. I ordered mine on March 23.
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  14. Sidedoor

    Sidedoor Member

    It would be good to give the refresh button a rest over the long weekend
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  15. AJsRanger

    AJsRanger Member

    Hopefully the Core will go on sale soon, or pop up in Microsoft Stores
  16. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Wanted to report in on my experience with the Core, a GTX 980, and my Blade 14 2016.

    I'm shocked at how smoothly everything runs, my laptop went from a fan monster every time I launched a game to quiet as a mouse now. The graphics have improved slightly, I'd say 15-20% over the 970m, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it does with a 1080.

    Wow. So silent. I'm impressed.
  17. lzh464150085

    lzh464150085 New Member

    980 15-20% over the 970m?
    That's not what I am expecting...
  18. Etrombley_no_id

    Etrombley_no_id New Member

    ^ yeah that's a similar combo I was looking at.....I was hoping for a true 980 experience which is 65% stronger than the 970m. Well I even expected about a 10% hit but your talking about a 50% hit ....
  19. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    You sure all the updates and TB3 drivers are properly installed? The 980 should not be just marginally better than 970m
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