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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. My order was submitted by 6:07:23 PST.
  2. I guess that Razer just doesn't like me that much then :frown_:. They really produce great products and I know that this Core has been an issue for them to produce, but for the time and effort I put in to secure it, if I don't see it shipping tonight, can't see myself being a future customer, as I don't really enjoy riding this roller coaster of wondering when an order will ship or be available. There are many other companies out there that better inform their customers and then process their orders in a much more timely manner. For example I pre-ordered an item from another companies website and they ended up pushing back the ship date multiple times until it ended up shipping two months late. They too had supply issues as the item was hand made and came from italy in small supply, but they apologized personally to me for the unexpected delay, and offered me a small freebie for the trouble and also upgraded my shipping from the free 5-7 day option to next day air on the house,so I didn't have to sit much longer without the item. Not saying Razer needs to match this as they have sure put a lot of behind the scenes work into making the core a technological reality, but a little more support besides the one forum staff member who goes above and beyond his job for us would be nice :)
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  3. evera

    evera New Member

    what day did you guys order on? i'm a bit confused as i placed my order on 6/22, and i think orders on the 6/23 wave have been going out
  4. I ordered on the 22nd shortly after 6pm PST.
  5. AJsRanger

    AJsRanger Member

    Still waiting on a reply from support.
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  6. Just looked back through forum and it looks like you and I are in the same boat, ordered right away, and now told we're back ordered till july 29th, love to hear what support tells you, as no one has reach out to me after all my inquiries.
  7. boxautoJellyBean692

    boxautoJellyBean692 New Member

    just got off the phone with a customer service rep - perhaps my reception was bad, or i didn't quite understand what the rep was saying.

    first i asked, if for sure my core has been back ordered - she responded yes, and said won't be available until 12th of august (which's a week later than what the back order email stated).

    then i asked her what was the deciding factor for sending units to certain people if we all ordered (f5 squad) around the same time, and that's the part that i didn't quite understand - said somewhere along the lines of whoever ordered on june 22 and later date, won't be receiving the core (which i ... know isn't true) until august 12th.

    the stamped date and time for my order submission was 6:07:46 PM PST.

    just really confused because one of the rep on email responded by saying that it will be shipped next week.

    pretty disheartened - all them hours waking up to see if they were in stock :/

    halp, @Razer|Technokat ! >.<
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  8. Sorry to hear that, I hope you guys get your spots in line back :slightly_sad:
  9. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    I ordered 6/22, got e-mail at 1:54 AM 6/23 stating my core was back ordered. mid morning 6/23 it went from back ordered in process to just "in process", then mid evening 6/23 [about the time they put them back up on the website] my order went back to "back order, in process".

    At that point I came here, TechnoKat got involved, sent an inquiry to Store support, who answered approx 3:45 AM CST this morning that my order would ship within 5 days of my order placement. At no time did I receive a 2nd e-mail regarding back order. As of 6:36PM CST today my order status page says "Back ordered" but "in process". If support is correct, it SHOULD ship by Monday latest.
  10. Just got an email from fedex delivery planner saying my core was picked up! Don't have any updates from razer yet, order page shows processing with back order message. Also strangely the FedEx manager doesn't have a delivery date yet:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Faith restored with razer! So everyone else in my situation, watch your email in the coming hours, looks like another wave is shipping, so stay strong! :D
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  11. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    I wonder if they're putting them up for sale as soon as they clear customs... It would account for the 24-72 hour lead times as well as the status "glitches"...
  12. Does anyone have a order submitted status? Because I fee like if it says in progress then you should be getting one soon. I Ordered right when it went live and did not recieve a notification of my order so I emailed support and they said that my order is in progress and would ship in the next five days, but then this morning I got a back order email that said it is on back order and would ship 8/5. I emailed support back and they said they need 24-48 hours to check the status and then they would reply back to me. I'm just curious if people still have an order submitted status?
  13. That's awesome! :D
  14. Support replied to my earlier inquiry with:

    Please allow us to check. We will provide an update within 24 to 48 hours.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Team RazerStore
  15. Exactly what they said to me, hopefully when they responded yesterday and told me that mine was in progress and would ship in 5 business days is correct.
  16. FedEx just updated to say it's arriving Thursday:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: East coast problems. Anyways will have it to play with all next weekend, if anyone wants additional feedback on it with a 1070
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  17. What does your razer status page say?
  18. Absolutely nothing on it has changed lol, (as seen attached). Only reason I know i'm getting it is due to delivery manager. Highly suggest signing up for it, lets you know whenever a package is shipped to you via email with tracking details and all that good stuff.

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  19. Glad to hear that you were able to get updates from FedEx.
    How Razer is handling their shipping/order status updates really could use some improvements. From what others have said above, it sounds like part of the process is likely being outsourced.
  20. Razer don't ship with fedex here, just ups, but they do returns through fedex which is weird, I know that they ship with ups here tho.
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