[Status update] Razer Core shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. mling001

    mling001 Active Member

    omg i can't believe orders are being met!! hopefully mine will ship soon :)
  2. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    My card has been charged, status changed to "Boxed Shipment"...

    And I don't have a graphics card yet. Oops.
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  3. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    Obviously we're gonna wait for 1080 or 1070 right?
  4. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member


    I maaaaay buy something silly like a 960 just to stick into it and test it out, the 960 is marginally better than the 970m in my Blade 2016 so it won't be a complete waste.
  5. eyeiaye

    eyeiaye New Member

    Will the 1080 bottleneck? How would the Stealth + Core + 1070 combo work for video editing and VR?
  6. Road_Runner86

    Road_Runner86 Member

    I want my core so bad! I'm going full bore 1080, I'm very impatient for some reason lately.
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  7. eyeiaye

    eyeiaye New Member

    Again, will the 1080 bottleneck? How would the Stealth + Core + 1070 combo work for video editing and VR?
  8. Road_Runner86

    Road_Runner86 Member

    Nobody can answer your question in full until the core, the 1080 and 1070 are all released out into the wild. Asking the question over again will not help your cause.
  9. CaptainJolly

    CaptainJolly Member

    i imagine the "more to come" hint from the Mod is 1080/1070 support, but we'll see.
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  10. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    Perhaps wait until benchmarks have been released, the product has been reviewed, or people actually receive it?
  11. eyeiaye

    eyeiaye New Member

    Yeah, that is my guess. Where do you recommend for benchmarks?
  12. Zorn_

    Zorn_ Active Member

    This is exactly what I thought too. This support should easily be possible via nVidia driver update, so it'll probably be a day one type of thing.
  13. eyeiaye

    eyeiaye New Member

    I hope so! I want to run these cards, can Razer give us a heads up, so we can pre-order? Hint Hint
  14. spider2k

    spider2k Member

    waiting for 4k benchmarks myself. my stealth hasn't even been powered up in nearly a month.
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  15. CaptainJolly

    CaptainJolly Member

    I feel sure you'd pass along any info about this as soon as you could, but do you have an estimate of when they might be available on the store again? Are they going to be in stock, or will they be preorders again?

    My Stealth is waiting patiently for his friend to come over and play.
  16. statton4

    statton4 Member

    it has shipped
  17. Coach30

    Coach30 New Member

    Mine also. Should be here Thursday. 3 days before my bday. Hell yeah
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  18. haberacker

    haberacker New Member

    Would love to know what the store status will be as well. Can't wait to get the stealth and core cruising in tandem.
  19. retroammoGreenSheen022

    retroammoGreenSheen022 Active Member

  20. maxinfo

    maxinfo New Member

    My core pre-order charged and shipped. I ordered on the 2nd? wave of preorders on 3/24/2016.
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