Stealth vs Macbook Pro 13 impressions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by duri_sk, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member


    For anyone interested, I had good chance to play with both new Stealth and Macbook Pro 13 (without touch bar).
    I brought Stealth from US for my friend. And we bought new Mac for my gf.
    Both systems were used for 2 weeks for day to day tasks (work, games etc).
    Based on this period, i decided which one i will buy for me (i want to stay unbiased, so i will not mention...).
    Please keep in mind, that this is more for Ultrabook part, i know that one should use Core for gaming on Stealth.

    New techie at my home is Zotac Magnus en 1070, so i will be playing on my new ultrabook just during business trips (till now, all my gaming was handled by macbook 13, as my razer 14 has everlasting issue with graphic card...).

    So this are my findings/impressions.


    For me, Razer wins, buts it depends on personal taste. Sleek black aluminium chasi is much bigger eye-catcher. I'm working in banking sector ( no white collar ), lot of people were interested (best one was that i have demonic Mac :) ), so i think that talking about Razer looks unprofessional is bit overestimated. Just set up solid backlight and turn off logo.


    Razer FTW.
    I think i can skip this paragraph at all, just for some Mac lovers here: Sometimes there are occasions, when i really have to connect display with HDMI, external keyboard with USB and ethernet cable (yes, for security reasons, lot of companies are providing just ethernet for contractors...).
    So even if i have wireless mouse, i had to use two adapters for Mac at least, which makes Razer Winner here. And no, you cant say : hey mate, i have shinny new Macbook, can you provide me wireless display, keyboard and everything...?!


    Well, we all know who is winner here... With my workflow (One note, chrome with developers console, some light image editing in Photoshop/Pixelmator + 1 series episode on the way to work and one on way back home.), i was able to squeeze 9 hours from Mac comfortable. I really didnt care about backlighting, opened applications, screen brightness was usually at 60-70%.

    Stealth passed usually after 6-6.5 hours (so no series :slightly_sad: ). But Razer announced some external battery so hopefully this will be better. Battery saver on, 50% brightness, keyboard off/solid backlight, some settings on graphic card which i found on net, i really played with power settings a lot. Also i keeped my eyes on opened applications a lot. Was switching between Chrome and Edge, if i didnt need developers console (i dont like one in Edge).

    Anyway, Razer was able to squeeze bigger battery into its slim machine, but we all know the reason, optimisation is much better on Mac, so anyway good job Razer, but Mac is winner.
    In this case i dont understand how they did it in Dell with XPS 13 skylake, that think has undestroyable battery.


    Im not really into some tests, and there is lot of professional reviews out there, but i think that even Mac is using older processor, and lot of people are complaining that its so lower end, there are equally good. No slowness, no gimmicks (yes, this is probably caused by better hw/sw optimisation on MAC, but its still there right?And i didnt found any problems even in Bootcamp). For my daily tasks lets say they are comparable (for most people also I think...).


    Videos are breeze for both, light tasks in Photoshop also. General usage is the same.
    BUT, i like to play HOTS and WOW, and Iris 540 is far superior to HD 620.
    Dungeons/10 man raiding on Mac was really without any issues (with respectable graphic settings), they were little bit pain on Stealth(with low settings).
    I was able to kill those bast**** in HOTS on medium settings with macbook, and on low on Razer (with time to time slowness).
    Mac handled also my new "time-waster" Overwatch, it was not good experience on Stealth.
    Just for testing purposes, i run couple of games like Battlefield 1 and Dwarves, Stealth was no go at all.On Mac, it was playable (by playable I mean no shutter, no freezes, lets say smooth gameplay, even if everything is on low).
    Also Stealth was REALLY, REALLY hot during gaming.Mac was loud and hot, but it was not that bad.


    I have very sensitive eyes, and i have to say that for whatever reason, i was feeling much more comfortable with Razer screen. Those bezels are horrible (like Mac Air), but i was able to getting used to it (but still....omg...), please do something with them...

    Keyboard/touchpad (touchscreen!!!!)

    Razer is winner here for me, keyboard is great (i don't mind for shallower key travel).Butterfly keyboard is shit, and i used to take my Deathstalker with me to work, when i was using Mac.
    For touchpad...Well, everyone is hipped by great touchpad on Macs, but honestly, how often is someone using force touch and things like that? I completly forgot that this functionality is even there. Also touchpad on Mac is too big i think, it looks just strange, when i was typing on Mac i often had my hands on touchpad...Well, for me bad UX.
    Razer touchpad is comfortable, and great with Win 10 gestures, i will say i like it more than the one on Mac.
    One thing....function icons are not backlighted on Stealth...that is huuuuge fail. Like really? You will create great keyboard, with all that lightning and stuff (i honestly really dont care for this, i had static color lightning...)but you will not provide this basic feature. I really dont get it. Even on updated version, after hearing critics about this for first version...


    Razer costs on UK store 1500 euro (for 256 gb model...), with strange UK keyboard layout (i prefer US or localized for SK), with not so famous Razer support. I will receive no gift (Leviathan mini is just for 512+).
    Mac costs 1700 euro (1600 with my discount) for 256gb model, with localised keyboard, and with great support in my hometown. I will receive bang&olufsen mini speakers + i had spent 74 euro for adapter from Amazon for my gf, i will need to buy one for me also, if i will decide for Mac

    Ok i really ignored fact about new processor and 16 gb of ram but...Mac is working like champ even with 8 bg (yes i know its less futureproofing, but i bet on, that Mac will works flawlessly for next 3 years with 8gb), and new processor isn't that big change (Mac still has MUCH better battery life and MUCH better graphics).

    I sold my previous Macbook 13, 2013 model (purchase price was roughtly 1500 eur) for 700eur, in three days locally.
    I sold my Razer 14 (2013 model with GF765m, purchase price around 2000 euro) for 550 eur, after three weeks on German ebay. Graphic card was overheating in the day of selling, was RMAed for this two times, while was still in warranty. I also spent 200$ for shipping to US(TWICE!!!), for the same issue with graphic card. But i knew about fact, that Razer doesnt provide international warranty, but i think its ok to mention it.

    My friend RMAed his Stealth for first time for heating issues, he is ready to open new one for horrible Coil Whine (from what i know). He has issues with support, as his computer was purchased in US from Amazon as i mentioned. Razer support told me, when i was asking about it before purchase, that if i will buy from Amazon (they are shipping to EU, but import fees are around 300 EUR...)there should be international warranty, so no need to ship overseas ( which costs around 200$).
    No issues with Mac so far.

    I was in market for new Macbook, then i discovered Stealth, i was in market for Stealth, than i discovered that there are still big issues with QA with Razer, with their support and that in fact, its not that much cheaper in EU than Macbook. On the other hand, Stealth is bit more exotic, i just like that computer for some reason.
    I made my decision and i hope, this will somehow help to do Yours!
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  2. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    @george_svk So the base stealth model in uk costs 1500€ but in the us only 999$? that doesn't seem like a good value anymore...
  3. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member

    Well base model is for 999GBP=1190EUR (1264$).
    256gb model is 1488EUR(1580$) as I wrote in article.
    I'm not crying here about price, I know that we have to count VAT etc which is different in Europe, but in fact, that doesn't matter, price is price.

    It's still cheaper than MacBook (AND Mac still will have smaller RAM) but comparing value after couple of years, is questionable.
    I was mostly impressed with that Iris card, playing Battlefield on "meh meh shitty gaming" Mac was something, what I was not expecting at all.
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  4. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Thanks for the nice review. Very informative.
  5. Tereezy

    Tereezy Member

    man now i am worried.I really want to get the stealth... we have stores who carry the laptop and its only the 512 model for 1399 in USD.
  6. Tereezy

    Tereezy Member

    can someone tell me what do you mean by the coil whine?
  7. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

  8. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member

    Well just check youtube or google, its light electrical noise from inside of laptop.
    And sometimes, its not just "light".
  9. Tereezy

    Tereezy Member

    just saw it. thanks- damn i did have issues with my old razer then.
  10. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member

    Well, If you have like for example MS store nearby, than you are ok. If you will have any issue with your unit, go there and ask for replacement (and i mean anything, brand new laptop for 1.5k shouldn't have ANY issues on the day of purchase).
  11. Ceolona

    Ceolona New Member

    FWIW, the intel model numbers mean nothing between generations. Iris Pro is stronger than Iris, stronger than HD. ...but skipping generations (5xx to 6xx) throws it out the window. The Iris Pro 5200 gets more juice than the Iris 6100. ...which is why apple "hid" the number in the tech specs for those macbooks. And, as you found out the Iris 540, despite being a generation behind is stronger than the HD 620.
  12. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Just skimming through the entire post I can probably tell Razer is the winner here for this use case! The new Macbook Pro was a huge letdown and a disappointment. Instead of using more powerful hardware for their current slim size, they trim it to be 14% slimmer and sacrifice all the other necessities like battery life. Their CPU of choice doesn't bother me since there's gonna be a newer Kaby Lake line down in the future, but their choice of graphics also tick me off. They could have crammed a GTX1060 or a 1050 in there, but turns out they still stuck with Intel's crappy graphics.
  13. duri_sk

    duri_sk Member

    Well, I think that we are still quite not that far to put GTX1060 in THAT slim profile :)
  14. bashman100

    bashman100 New Member

    I personally like the Stealth and use it. I have not used the new MacBook but I have used macs in past and I am not a huge fan of OSX but in general I like the stealth even if it has poor graphics quality. There are plenty of drawbacks to the Stealth but in general I very much dislike Apple. I know for some people Macs are easier to use but I feel when doing tech support things people often have more trouble with Macs as Windows can sometimes be simpler.
  15. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    That's why I said they shouldn't have made it thinner. The previous MacBooks were thin and powerful enough for its size. They just need to cram better hardware and find out better ways to make the aluminium construction takes up less space and perhaps make the battery bigger. I know Apple has a talent for shrinking motherboard sizes.
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