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[Suggestion]Blade Pro / Blade 14 Fan Control Suite

Discussion in 'Systems' started by AlphaVladim, Aug 2, 2015.


Would you like to control the fan speed ?

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  2. No

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  1. PulicaFranarul

    PulicaFranarul New Member

    I am a proud user of the new blade 14, and I love it.
    My only complaint is that it tends to get hot, and fans are not spinning or spinning very slow.
    It would be awesome to manually tune the fan speed or to create a custom fan curve.

    I don't mind the laptop to be a lil bit noisy, everything has it's compromises.

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  2. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    I'm afraid if they unlocked fan control, they'd get tons of RMA requests "oh no I fried my laptop cause I set low RPM".

    Therefore I wouldn't go all the way to "manual control", but having a few profiles, like standard and "cool", might indeed prove useful!

    On the other hand, I'm loving that fans kick in later than earlier.
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  3. PulicaFranarul

    PulicaFranarul New Member

    Yes, but how about your palmrest temps ? They are a bit high for me, and in most situation I cant rest my hand there too long.

    Frying won't be possible because of throttling, but high temps over time damage the components.
  4. okonietoperza

    okonietoperza Active Member

    Weird. Palmrest area is perfectly cool for me even when gaming.
  5. Orion099

    Orion099 New Member

    I love this computer but the fan profiles it has preset allow the cpu to heat to 90+ degrees C sometimes. Then they kick in and knock the temp down to around 60-65c.

    The constant ramp up to jet like speeds then down to nothing is annoying, and not an efficient way to cool the workings of this computer in a way im particularly comfortable with. In fact, since I've owned it, I have locked the processor to a frequency of 2.6ghz at all times and that helps the temperatures a lot, but it also kinda handicaps the computer.

    No complaints about GPU temps, they are lower than the CPU at all times by about 10c.

    If I had a way to set the fan profile or select fan profiles that would enhance my experience with this computer.
  6. Recaro

    Recaro New Member

    I'd like to know how you lock your CPU to 2.6ghz? Did you deactivated the Turbo boost?

    Would be great to know...since I am not a fan of anything going beyond 90°...no matter if your CPU or GPU are build for that temps...everything around is most likely not.
  7. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    Yeah, use throttlestop to disable turbo + undervolt a bit. If you don't want to undervolt then you can also just go to power options and set the max CPU speed to 99%.
  8. uidzer0

    uidzer0 Member

    Is that on the Blade 14 (not Pro?) My Pro gets super hot, but only in the upper area near the display. The wrist rest area stays nice and cool.
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