Suggestion: Detachable Keypad

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by LaserBuffalo, Jun 28, 2021.

  1. LaserBuffalo

    LaserBuffalo New Member

    I'm picturing an Ornata Chroma (only chosen because I've used it for several years) but the paging/arrow/keypad portion on the end was detachable via a magnet, kind of like the arm rest. But the connection would also be made there so you just attach it and it instantly lights up and works. This way I could attach it for work but remove it for gaming. I imagine you could make other compatible attachments too, so you could replace the end of the keyboard with a trackpad or maybe a joystick lol.
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  2. Timothy321

    Timothy321 Well-Known Member

    I was always waiting for the product that you suggested. Asus has launched a similar concept keyboard not long ago. But Razer never learn
  3. Marquardt

    Marquardt New Member


    I'm looking for a case for my Tab s6 with both a keyboard and a front cover that I can attach-detach when needed. So if I need a keyboard, I detach the front cover and attach a keyboard. When I don't need a keyboard and I need to bring the tab with me I can attach just the front cover. Is there anything like this?
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