Suggestion of External Device for the Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by AlienDrew, Mar 8, 2018.


How many of you would also enjoy this?

  1. I certainly would! I think it's a great idea.

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  2. I wouldn't. I think it's redundant with the Razer Serval for people to buy.

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  3. I wouldn't, because you can easily find a lite controller, even if it's not made by Razer.

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  4. I wouldn't in general. A controller for the phone is a stupid idea.

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  1. AlienDrew

    AlienDrew New Member

    With consoles, we have gaming controllers, and with computers, we usually have the standard mouse and keyboard unless we buy a compatible controller for it. I noticed that searching on the site, there's not a bluetooth/wired controller to be found. I did a google search and found the Razer Serval, but I personally feel it's a bit too big of a controller for a phone. Could it be possible to create a more lite, smaller/thinner, controller for the Razer Phone? I'd love to see the idea implemented, and I would gladly buy it. :big_grin_:

    EDIT: Maybe like this?

    inspiration from Nintendo Switch controllers, and Razer Serval controller

    I photoshopped this, and it took a while, but it's a cool idea, right?
    Of course, an official controller would have to be set up differently for copyright reasons.
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  2. Greensonic13

    Greensonic13 New Member

    I'd like to see what people are using for a controller as well
  3. mo-iro

    mo-iro Active Member

    I personally have some problems with small buttons, so the serval having the same size of a regular xbox controller is perfect, and for a big phone like razer one a small version of serval could be a problem with the phone suport not holding the phone as it should be or just being uncomfortable to play. Maybe side buttons like the moto z adapter could be a thing too.
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  4. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    I think the Serval controller fits the Razer Phone just fine =3 even fits my Phone case.
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  5. Torombolo

    Torombolo Member

    The issue with the serval is the clip will touch the volume buttons if set in the middle, i have to offset the phone a bit
  6. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    I see what you're saying. Yeah, I don't think I had issues with either of the three Razer cases once installed.
  7. Torombolo

    Torombolo Member

    Yeah thr raEr cases seem to have a small bump on them but naked or other cases like thr ozlry have that issue with the buttons , not a major issue just need to offset it a bit
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  8. KrazyKanadian

    KrazyKanadian Active Member

    Also the Razer Phone could also have a case with another screen so it would be like the ZTE Axon M

    I'm Back
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  9. AlienDrew

    AlienDrew New Member

    I actually didn't think about this, but that's actually a pretty interesting idea, I might like something like that instead.
  10. KrazyKanadian

    KrazyKanadian Active Member

    Thanks and I would personally have a controller case that would slide out from the bottom when you hold the phone horizontally
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  11. AlienDrew

    AlienDrew New Member

    I think a case that has another screen and a slide out controller would be redundant/too much. Just one or the other would work. The double screens would be nice in general, but for gaming, one of the screens could be just used as a controller. As for a slide out controller case, couldn't this make the phone a bit too thick as it already is? If I was going to make a controller case, I'd think about making it kinda have a set up like the Switch, with the left and right side of the the phone (in landscape) have controller attachments. Kinda like the image I photoshopped at the end of my thread.
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