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    Call in the Air Support! And Razer Support. And back support, from all the carrying, obviously.


    We’ve created this forum to give our fans a place to discuss technical issues with each other and Official Razer Customer Support staff members. We monitor and reply regularly and do our best to get you the help you need. If your issue cannot be resolved through this forum, please check out our other support channels at support.razer.com.

    If you are unable to find a solution, start a new thread, but before you commit to that Create Thread button, please keep the following things in mind:
    • Stay on topic. Technical issues, advice, and discussion of said technical issues and more advice, included.
    • Non-support related discussions, gaming, products, deep philosophical discussions of the impact of Razer products and the current meta zeitgeist of our existence, criticism, and/or commentary should be handled in the basic General Discussion or Off-Topic Chat forum.
    • If you’re looking for help, create your own thread unless a topic for the issue already exists.
    • Please don’t hijack threads with your new topic. It only leads to getting everyone’s requests getting derailed.
    • By posting a super clear and easily readable summary of your issue, you help expedite the assistance. Dropping F-Bombs and bad words sprinkled on wall-of-texts or “ooh-I’m-telling” chat logs make it very challenging for the issue to get the attention it deserves.
    • Take it easy on the hate. Toxicity and abuse won’t be tolerated. We’re people, too. We honestly want to help.
    • Please do not post information that detracts and leads people away from the support site. We’re here for you. Not there. Wherever there may be.
    • For our software related issues like Synapse and Cortex, always submit your logs. That is your first line of defense and that is the first thing we’re going to ask you, anyway.
    • Found Bugs?
    Let’s work together, Insiders! The House Rules always stand, please follow them when engaging in discussions or helping others.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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