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[SUPPORT] Razer Blade fan stuck at 100%

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by fastplane649, Sep 12, 2018.

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  1. fastplane649

    fastplane649 New Member


    I have a 2017 Razer Blade Stealth with the following config : i7 7500u / 8GB / 128GB / 2 FANS

    Since a few days now, the fan are stuck at full speed as soon as I start the laptop..
    Very noisy and make the pc unusable..

    The BIOS is up to date. I tried many software to control the fan speed but nothing worked.
    I just noticed that on the start-up, when I go to the task manager, the processor goes from 0 to 100% real quick before going back to a normal usage.
    I suspect the temperature sensor on the motherboard..

    Do you have any idea on how to fix this or at least reduce manually the fan speed ?

    Thank you !
  2. T21STCPG

    T21STCPG Well-Known Member

    You might have a virus that is using up all your CPU power, maybe get an anti-virus.
  3. fastplane649

    fastplane649 New Member

    Hey !

    Thanks for your answer.
    I thought about that but I did a clean windows install and still have the issue.
  4. razer.winteryang

    razer.winteryang Ice Bear Staff Member

    Hey there, was there any significant changes on your system before experiencing the issue?
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