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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by thomasguide3, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. thomasguide3

    thomasguide3 Member

    I guess Razer has a different definition of what support is than your average user.

    The average user when they see support for a product until February 2018 they expect things like security patches, minor OS upgrades, maybe a major OS update etc...

    Support til February 2018 for Razer means we do nothing until February 2018, bye don't let the door hit you on your way out.
  2. lazyfai

    lazyfai Member

    I think their meaning of "Support" is to keep the forum open without any updates / fixes.
    After Feb 2018 this forum will be closed.
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  3. Looking pretty bleak. I got another device on the way to replace the Robin. Maybe we'll receive one last hurrah before the support ends.:big_grin_:
  4. lazyfai

    lazyfai Member

    Heard that Razer is going to release a phone for gaming, how can people trust Razer will maintain their own phone properly, given that they cannot even do it for Robin currently?
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  5. Khanger

    Khanger Administrator Staff Member

    I TOTALLY understand the sentiment. Robin was well supported for most of its life, but right now we don't have enough resources to dedicate to both Robin and the other projects we're working on. Thing is, Qualcomm is partially to blame as well because support for the 808 chip has been all but abandoned for more flagship chips. Without their help, we can't do much.

    With that said, our team is talking about how we can get you guys O, so although you've missed out on some minor updates, I'm hoping we can move on from N.
  6. thomasguide3

    thomasguide3 Member

    That would be an awesome parting gift to Robin owners.
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  7. Kincadium

    Kincadium New Member

    At this point a fix to the Bluetooth issue and atleast September security updates (though October would be better) is more realistic. At one point I hoped for an official Offer release, I don't expect it now. Especially when much larger issues are at hand that (feel like) are being swept under the rug.
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  8. Bigburito

    Bigburito New Member

    I think the logic is that if they jump to Oreo we get all the security updates in one go (which is going to be easier to test and release then a bunch of incremental releases) and that leaves them with only needing to fix the bluetooth issue (which may just be a rogue flag trigger in the bootup process since it can come back between restarts if you use the current workaround.)

    Unless Google made their own, Qualcomm must have something for 808 for Oreo because the Nexus 5X is an 808 Qualcomm and Google has it listed as Oreo compatible right now.
  9. GooogleStudios

    GooogleStudios New Member

    yeah, I can't even get my Robin to back anything up anymore. It's been about a week, and nothing has been backed up.
  10. AdityAnand

    AdityAnand Member

    I'd read couple of months back that Qualcomm is keenly dedicated to provide support for 808 SoC and they are planning to provide support for vulkan for their 4xx GPU series.
  11. WolfsbaneV2

    WolfsbaneV2 New Member

    I wouldn't trust Razer as far as I could throw them. IMHO they are guilty of breach of contract regarding Robin and should have had a class-action lawsuit thrown at them if the class had been large enough. Customers paid for a phone with a one year warranty and Razer just killed the warranty without compensation for lost services that had been already contracted and paid for. If they have that little consideration for existing Robin owners, why would you think they will honor any contract they make in the future? They are villains without honor.

    Do what you can with what you have, load an alternative firmware from XDA that has all the fixes/updates and enjoy the phone until technology or breakage forces you to move on to something else. It is a great phone, it deserved better treatment.
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  12. Sworly

    Sworly New Member

    Are you dense? Support for the phone was well over a year (something they outlined in the crowdfunding that made the phone's existence even possible), and on top of that, software/update support is offered until February, basically two years after the phone launched. Last I checked, most other brands/models seldom outlast the initial year of support.

    The only real gripe I can see eye-to-eye with here is the removal of the cloud services, which was a selling point of the device; that sucks, sure. However, there's a plethora of other cloud services out there that are functional with the phone, i.e. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc., so you're not left without options.
  13. WolfsbaneV2

    WolfsbaneV2 New Member

    Sorry, you're mistaken (on both your understanding of the issue and my dense-ness). It's not about how long the phone was supported after it was introduced. This is about what you paid for. I bought the phone in the fall of last year. It was purchased with one year of hardware warranty. After I bought it, Razer bought Nextbit and decided that they would end/cancel all warranty support at the end of July. I did not receive what I paid for (one year hardware warranty). If you bought the phone in February (right before the buy-out), part of the purchase price was a reasonable legal expectation of one year's worth of hardware warranty. Guess when it ended? 5 months later. So the February buyer paid for (and did not receive) 7 months of hardware warranty. Did Razer do *anything* to compensate their customers for the loss of that warranty? No. They could have phased out hardware support properly. There were at least two different ways they could have fairly treated their existing customer base in this matter, but they knowingly chose to screw the existing customers and unilaterally break their warranty contracts. That is called breach of contract and has nothing to do with the longevity of the phone in the marketplace. What would you do if you paid for 12 gallons of gasoline and afterwards found out the pump only gave you 5 gallons? And then the filling station manager said 'tough luck, suck it up. Aren't you happy you got 5 gallons'?

    As far as I know, there was nothing in the terms/conditions of sale of the phone that formally committed to software updates for any period of time, so whatever they decide to do with software/update/patches is totally up to them. No one has a claim on that. Trying to keep the software flowing until next February is very decent of the Nextbit developers and I thank them for whatever they are able to accomplish in that time frame given whatever resource constraints they have.

    The 100 GB cloud backup was a cool twist to the phone, and it's too bad its going away. Yes there are options. No, those options are not equivalent to how the phone was designed (you could go over the 32 GB of internal storage because the apps/files are stored in the cloud, etc - still haven't seen anyone else integrate that trick so smoothly - maybe someone will pick it up), but that's ok. That's what happens with technology. People try new things, they work, they don't, it gets superceded by something better, whatever. I can work with that. No complaints.

    What I don't have patience for is dishonorable business people who break legal contracts like the management at Razer.
  14. Sworly

    Sworly New Member

    Considering I bought mine in July of last year, I understand the issue; however, they stated when people not only funded the phone, but on a plethora of outlets that it would be supported for one year from the release date. Nobody was blindsighted by that when they purchased it (at least not people who looked into what they were paying for :wink_:). If I bought a product purchased by a now parent company, yeah, I'd not be surprised when said parent company would want to dissolve any prior contractual obligations. You have such an animosity for how Nextbit ran things, when it's been stated time and time again that Nextbit had no say in the matter, Razer did (it helps staying current on the device you so haughtily want to defend and also want to throw on the chopping block).

    Not sure where the comparison of not providing the full product (less gasoline than promised) comes into play for software/warranty support (unless they somehow shorted you on hardware for the phone, which I doubt). Once the news broke out, they offered 6 months of manufacturer's warranty, and over a year of software/security update support for the phone (acquisition occurred in January, support ends next February), something that they fought for. I'm sure if Razer had their way, they'd have given everyone the finger and told them to figure it out on their own.

    So again, Khanger's not at fault, Nextbit's not at fault; if you hate the company enough to warrant a class-action lawsuit (which is the whiner's way of saying, "I bought something without looking into it, and now I'm mad that I feel I was slighted"), then I'd consider looking into another brand. Maybe Samsung or Apple will provide you with more phone support (as long as your wallet's lined).
  15. WolfsbaneV2

    WolfsbaneV2 New Member

    I tried to be pretty clear I have no animosity for Nextbit and don't blame them for Razer's misbehavior. Khanger et al. always seemed to try to do well; I know they tried to change Razer's mind. I've kept up with them pretty well. If they went indy again and made another phone, I'd probably give it a go. Nextbit seems to be a good team.

    Razer, on the other hand... well, that's the other hand. They're the ones who I don't trust and won't buy from.

    The comparison of not providing the full product is about what happened to folks who bought before the buyout, not after. The folks who bought before bought it in good faith that there would be a year's support (not a year from release - a year from purchase. Clearly stated in the what-was-current warranty at and even the Kickstarter FAQ said so - - if you looked into it.:wink_:) Once the news was out, it was clear that the terms had changed and what you were paying for at that time. The phone price dropped to half or less of what it had been. I considered getting another one as a backup, just in case the primary died or got crushed or something - with the full understanding of why it was so inexpensive. This is not about what happened after the announcement. This is about what people paid for before the announcement and got cheated out of later on.

    Class-action suits have a valid place in the world, they're not a whiner's excuse. And we're all (including you) going to be looking into another brand anyway, since this phone line is EOL.

    moving on....
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  16. Sworly

    Sworly New Member

    Well, sure, it's handy to share outdated info, but you missed out on a key point outlined in the Warranty page you shared:

    "15: In case of any conflict between the terms and conditions displayed here and the documentation in the sales package of the product, the terms and conditions included in the sales package shall prevail."

    Said T&C list a paragraph stating:

    "Nextbit’s obligations, if any, with regard to its products and services are governed solely by the agreements pursuant to which they are provided, and nothing on this Site should be construed to alter such agreements. Nextbit may make changes to any products or services offered on the Site, or to the applicable prices for any such products or services, at any time, without notice. The materials on the Site with respect to products and services may be out of date, and Nextbit makes no commitment to update the materials on the Site with respect to such products and services."

    Their new terms state that the length of service was no longer from date of consumer's purchase, but from the official public release of the device. That's been clarified each and every time somebody has a bone to pick with the service terms they agreed to when their debit/credit card finalized that POS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. vidyesh

    vidyesh New Member

    This thread is out of hand.

    Khang said they are trying to get N, so be patient and like me if you can't be patient they have gifted Robin with easy to unlock bootloader, just go with it and install a custom ROM of your liking. LOS, Carbon, Omni are the few popular ones which have patched KRACK.

    As soon as O is officially released I am jumping back to stock without a doubt lets hope it happens soon. But I guess it might not happen till Dec and till then many custom ROMs which have started working a month ago on O will be out.

    So... decision is yours.
  18. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    im new to the Robin i bought one for 130us on amazon fully aware it has no warrantee outside of amazon
    but to be fair no phone really has anything realistic of a follow up software wise
    in fact when i learned that it was still getting 7.0 and 7.1 os upgrades i was very happy

    in fact im fine with waiting on oreo for it and hopefully fixes the probs they are having, i hate to say it seems like wasted effort trying to fix 7.1 if ur just gonna release 8.0

    that aside from what i understand android 8.0 will introduce some changes that can only be had with that os and id like to have them on my robin and it will be nice when adreno 4xx chips get vulcan support id look forward to that and games that support it

    if the next razor phone comes out id love if razor offered all who own a robin a discount or some special promo bonus on their rzr phone :) that would be cool

    khanger looking forward to what you guys put out thanks for keeping up and even just answering us

    the bitter people out there you have to be real with the situation best you can do is ask them to push for a good running oreo os at this point and than trying to glue together this dated broken one now
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  19. thomasguide3

    thomasguide3 Member

    You mean they are trying to get O right? They're already on N.
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  20. Getting O would be incredible, and an excelent way to promote your newer products. People are searching for system updates as well, and as I said, wow, getting Oreo in the Robin, that is extraordinary and unespected for a lot of people
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