Support til Feb 2018?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by thomasguide3, Sep 29, 2017.

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  1. Sworly

    Sworly New Member

    Considering that their "new" phone isn't even dropping with O (and supposedly they're not getting it until Spring, so don't hold your breath), I'm gonna venture a guess that we're not getting Oreo.
  2. AdityAnand

    AdityAnand Member

    Android O was obvious but P will be unexpected. LOL
  3. lazyfai

    lazyfai Member

    So now Razor phone released, please support Oreo or at least 7.1.2 in Robin, otherwise people will think Razor won't actually support its product actively... Robin is a showcase for Razor's effort on building a phone.
  4. AdityAnand

    AdityAnand Member

    Android O was obvious but P will be unexpected. LOL
  5. Not so obvious, but P is impossible xD
  6. vidyesh

    vidyesh New Member

    Razer did not partner with them they acquired Nexbit. So Robin is in no way a showcase for Razor's effort to their Razer phone.

    O was promised/expected. P obviously was off the table right from the launch.
  7. AdityAnand

    AdityAnand Member

    It was sarcasm bro. You didn't get it.
  8. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    really love the new razor phone and how its just like the robin but sadly i cant reach to that price point for a high end phone
  9. sfbest23

    sfbest23 New Member

    I have a friend who uses a Nexus 5X and is running O on that (stock Google ROM). The 5X also has the Snapdragon 808. That said, I have given up with my Robin in terms of the stock ROM and have been happily running Lineage OS for a while now.
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  10. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    how is lineage OS ? they seem to be in plans for porting oreo to the robin
  11. vidyesh

    vidyesh New Member

    Just FYI, every good/decent custom ROM maker are working on Oreo port.
    PA, Omni, Carbon, Lineage etc announced it last month that there won't be any significant N updates anymore as they have started working on O. The only update since that announcement was the KRACK fixes otherwise no changes are to be expected to N builds now. The present N builds are the last of all N builds from them.

    So to answer your question Lineage is not bad but I didn't find it that great either. They keep switching the kernel used for Robin to find the most stable one. Don't get me wrong it works great and the minor instability is not reflected in the ROM's usage at all.
    As of now I love PA and Carbon.
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  12. sfbest23

    sfbest23 New Member

    After trying AOSPA (Paranoid Android), Carbon and Omni, I feel Lineage is the most stable of the bunch. Things that Lineage offers that the other ROMs do not (at least in my testing):

    1. Android Pay works (without Magisk). I simply relocked my bootloader and am not rooted.
    2. The updates happen on a weekly basis, and security patches are included. (KRACK is fixed).
    3. The ROM is super stable. No crashes or random reboots.
    4. The text message bug where MMS photo messages are blurry is nonexistent. I experienced blurry MMS with the stock ROM and AOSPA (with the stock messaging app)
    5. In my opinion, the development of Lineage is a little more transparent than with other ROMs.

    Issues with Lineage:
    1. The sound is quiet across the board on the built in speakers. Watching video or listening to music in all but the most quiet settings requires the volume to be turned up to at least 3/4 max. For what it's worth, this was an issue with the stock ROM too.
    2. The screen is very slow to light up when you plug in the charger sometimes.

    I can live with these issues. My hope is that O fixes some of this.
  13. Bangerzzz

    Bangerzzz Active Member

    But can you install custom ROMs on oit?
  14. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    wow i really appreciate all the feedback i actually chose the robin because i loved the style and stereo speakers
    as i dont need the loudest and i dont need the 1440p but stereo is something i want without always having to use earphones. i dont use bluetooth nfc etc or any form of text messaging except maybe facebook or whatsapp messenger (no snapchat or twitter)

    really i just want to know i get my calls and no random restarts MID usage like my alcatel A30 amazon phone (had a blu r1hd with similar probs)

    question tho is the camera any faster with Lineage ? not so big on night shots but id like to know it would fair okay against some low light situations ie poorly lit rooms etc

    thanks for the info do u know the release date on any of them or if they are out currently ? im expecting my Midnight Robin to reach on thursday and cant wait to start using it and park my A30 alcatel

    i like tinkering with these stuff so id be fully open to testing these so ill be trying some of them

    thanks for the names of rom makers
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  15. sfbest23

    sfbest23 New Member

    My experience with the camera is that it is not bad. The time from when you click the capture button until the time that the photo shows up as a thumbnail to indicate the photo is captured is a bit slow, but I have found that the camera takes decent photos. Obviously, the lack of high end features like optical image stabilization shows up in some blurry photos from time to time, but for the most part, I have been happy with the camera. I use the Google Camera app from the Play Store for what it is worth. The stock Lineage camera app has a ton more settings, but I have just always used the Google app (combined with Snapseed for post processing) on every Android phone I have had.
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  16. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    cant seem to find the google camera app anywhere its not on playstore now ive gotten my robin the only issue is the camera to flash and white balance sync are way off for me lol
  17. I'm assuming you're running stock if so it wouldn't be available in the play store, you need to sideload the apk from apkmirror. I think 4.3 is the last working version for the Robin.
  18. coastquickCherry306

    coastquickCherry306 New Member

    im running the factory update to 7 but it doesnt appear in the playstore any chance u could inbox or post me a link ?
  19. vidyesh

    vidyesh New Member

    Like most Nexus/Pixel apps Google Camera is limited to those devices but if you run a custom ROM which is AOSP based you can likely get the app to be installed.

    EDIT : Try sideloading as someone suggested. I never tried it but it might work.
  20. Love46patel

    Love46patel Active Member

    I think since pandroid android team is working with the nextbit team and they also support robin so i think that when they release oreo then that will be also for us only with nextbit's apps....
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