Surround (Legacy) crackling

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uzuti, Jul 20, 2020.

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  1. Uzuti

    Uzuti New Member

    Hey, recently I've updated Surround and it started to have a loud crackling noise to everything. Note that this is not static it just sounds like a really bad headset for example. If I turn off Surround everything is just fine. Any idea how to fix it? I couldn't really find anything useful on Google so far.
  2. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    It's a known issue with Win 2004. There's no tell when they're going to fix this.
  3. Uzuti

    Uzuti New Member

    Oh, thanks. Thought so... Windows is utter garbage nowadays.
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  4. Thank u so much for info, thought something wrong with my pc..
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  5. Johnojohnson

    Johnojohnson New Member

    this is total garbage , not only am I a long time user of razer products / 5 mice / 4 keyboards , 3 head sets BUT I am a share holder in Razer and I find this lack of fix really detrimental to my investment , disgusting .
    Either fix known issue or offer a discount for users to upgrade to known driver that doesn't have 2004 issues
  6. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    From official support on another thread (now locked and unlisted):

  7. amgfuncao

    amgfuncao New Member

    Any news? Thank you!
  8. llYvanll

    llYvanll New Member

    Any news regarding this?
  9. steekZVH

    steekZVH New Member

    razer support dead?
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  10. CRE4MPIE

    CRE4MPIE New Member

    Quick reply here - not heard a thing about a fix for this issue which has me seriously bummed out.

    Came across a reddit post that suggested that installing and running in the background will fix the crackle.

    Just tested it myself and for some odd reason it works again.Bluestacks is some mobile platform launcher - not sure what magic they're using, but it fixes the issue.

    Finally able to use Surround again ! on the latest Windows update
  11. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    Thank you sir! For today you are my hero!!!! :heart:
  12. ssipster

    ssipster Member

    Wait, really?

    @CRE4MPIE If this works, you'll be my hero forever, lol.
  13. Larcetosus

    Larcetosus New Member

    Bluestacks method works until i launch games. then the crackling is back lmao.
  14. iqbalmuttaqien

    iqbalmuttaqien New Member

    im a razer fan from the day one, i had several razer equipment from bottom to the top. deathadder, blackwidow, addaro dj, even mousepads with variable size.. because of this well knowing like an everlasting issues, i know it won't affect the company but i decided to considering my faith with razer product.
    Razer Surround legacy is my favorite girl, you can't judge it but you can feel what the best to you.
  15. CRE4MPIE

    CRE4MPIE New Member

    Works for me on all games - make sure Bluestacks is running. It's a stupid workaround, but works for me. The latest Windows updates have broken so many things.

    On a side note - I believe this has something to do with the onboard Realtek audio device. Friend of mine has an ASUS Sound card running Razer Surround and no problems after the windows update.

    Best of luck to all - waiting for a fix, until then I run Bluestacks :slightly_sad:
  16. Larcetosus

    Larcetosus New Member

    yeah bluestacks is running. i'll be more specific; it doesn't work when i'm playing Warframe. I did not try it with any other games cause I just assumed it doesn't work with the rest.
  17. CRE4MPIE

    CRE4MPIE New Member

    Okay ! Lemme check my side - *installing Warframe quick*
  18. CRE4MPIE

    CRE4MPIE New Member

    Logged in on Warframe and seemed to work fine for me - odd :/
  19. bRiZAs2

    bRiZAs2 New Member

    [QUOTE = "CRE4MPIE, post: 612057, member: 1109251"] Resposta rápida aqui - não ouvi nada sobre uma solução para este problema que me deixou seriamente chateado.

    Encontrei um post do reddit que sugeria que instalar e executar em segundo plano consertará o estalo.

    Acabei de testá-lo sozinho e, por algum motivo estranho, ele funciona novamente. O Fluestacks é um iniciador de plataforma móvel - não tenho certeza de que mágica eles estão usando, mas corrige o problema.

    Finalmente capaz de usar o Surround novamente! na última atualização do Windows [/ QUOTE]
    The bluestacks solved my problem with the audio, I hope they will soon solve this on their own.
  20. Brunorrid

    Brunorrid New Member

    Thanks, It's working for me.
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