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Surround (Legacy) crackling

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uzuti, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Uzuti

    Uzuti New Member

    Hey, recently I've updated Surround and it started to have a loud crackling noise to everything. Note that this is not static it just sounds like a really bad headset for example. If I turn off Surround everything is just fine. Any idea how to fix it? I couldn't really find anything useful on Google so far.
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  2. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    It's a known issue with Win 2004. There's no tell when they're going to fix this.
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  3. Uzuti

    Uzuti New Member

    Oh, thanks. Thought so... Windows is utter garbage nowadays.
  4. Thank u so much for info, thought something wrong with my pc..
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  5. Johnojohnson

    Johnojohnson New Member

    this is total garbage , not only am I a long time user of razer products / 5 mice / 4 keyboards , 3 head sets BUT I am a share holder in Razer and I find this lack of fix really detrimental to my investment , disgusting .
    Either fix known issue or offer a discount for users to upgrade to known driver that doesn't have 2004 issues
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  6. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    From official support on another thread (now locked and unlisted):

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