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Surround (Legacy) crackling

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uzuti, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. Larcetosus

    Larcetosus New Member

    noticed something new. i still get crackling in warframe with bluestacks running. however, after closing warframe, the crackling persists even when bluestacks is still running. restarting bluestacks fixes it. So i tried running bluestacks after warframe ran. it doesnt fix it completely, there is still residue crackling only in warframe. Closing warframe after this method brings the crackling back to the audio everywhere, even with bluestacks running.
  2. Strkzs

    Strkzs New Member

    This is completely stupid, but BlueStacks running indeed resolves the issue with a crackling sound. I hope there will be a patch or better workaround because it's not comfortable at all.
  3. greatstreet819

    greatstreet819 New Member

    I have same problem after windows update. I sent feedback through synapse. Waiting for solution.
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  4. robertojmj

    robertojmj New Member

    This seens at least odd, i just run BlueStacks and the crackling sound stops. I sure that it begins it the win update, i'm really tilted.

  5. This actually works! I was ready to give up on being able to use this software. Pity that Razer doesn't support customers who have this product. I bought Razer products because they offered this software and then they just dumped me a short time later.
  6. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    A possible solution that I have yet to test (I'm still using 1909 for the time being, hoping for an "official" fix).

  7. aceprodigy50

    aceprodigy50 New Member

    Tried this on 2004, did not work. Only logical fix seems to be going back to 1909
  8. Hi Any news here ? If bluestacks is fixing the issue , why Razer can`t fix it ?
  9. kane52rus

    kane52rus New Member

    because razer surround pro is a legacy product. They won`t fix it.
    I closed my support ticket [200615-000609] , which has not been resolved since July, and sold all razer products.
    razer died for me, bye razer.
  10. AustinTerm

    AustinTerm New Member

    Idk if this will work for ya'll, but I decided to download Surround 7.1 (even though having Surround Pro is different), and I somehow got the crackling to go away. I then uninstalled 7.1 to test it out and it still works.
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  11. JaimeFutter

    JaimeFutter New Member

    Thank you soooo much it worked for me
  12. TheCrowS

    TheCrowS New Member

    explain a little more
  13. Since I use steelseries wireless headphones with razer surround pro (better sound quality), had same problem. Couldn't find solution till I did reset on headphones (little button behind foam cover) Works without crackling and other bad noise. Maybe it works on razer headphones aswell. :cool_:
  14. toolsbyteSaffron216

    toolsbyteSaffron216 New Member

    Thanks for this idea, however I tried this, and it did not stop the crackling.
  15. Bluetooth16

    Bluetooth16 New Member

    OMG thank you, been struggling with this SHIT razer issue for a while, this bluestacks works!!
  16. Closkers

    Closkers New Member

    Hi I have the Razer Kraken Pros V2 and I downloaded Bluestacks and my surround works again!
  17. Aminodextrous

    Aminodextrous New Member

    How things are going with Win 20H2? Did they fix the issue on Microsoft side?
  18. Leyto_Ren

    Leyto_Ren New Member

    I was like you, struggling with this issue for months when I wanted to look to another software to do the same work.
    But I finally found a workaround thanks to randomness !
    Here you go: download EqualizerAPO, install it (select your default output...), restart, open the "Configuration Editor" from your Windows menu, power off everything (or not, as you want) to have your normal sound output.
    Go to Razer Surround PRO, re-enable your Surround and there you go, you are finally able to enjoy it again !
    Hope it'll work for you too.
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  19. Leyto_Ren

    Leyto_Ren New Member

    Edit: And it's gone after playing Warframe, even with restarts. I hope it'll work for you.
  20. this stuff works wonders. You just made my day, thank you so much :)
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