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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by CoralPinkegggreat831, Nov 26, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    I tried an extension for my right thumbstick to day and it completely transformed my performance with this controller.

    It's almost perfect now I might say, since I was thinking of returning it now i think I've changed my mind. And the stick needs to be a tad shorter.

    I've seen some kits with Xbox one elite sticks around the internet. Now I know the will work on a PS4 controller.

    Has anyone tried to put these on a raiju? I would buy the ultimates sticks if I could find them...

    The price on the Xones sticks is very good. And the length seems about right for what I'm looking for since the stock length is to short for the threshold setting that is set on the controller.
  2. hungryewok

    hungryewok New Member

    Bumping the thread. What extenders did you try for your Tournament Edition?

    Did any1 have experience with kontrolfreeks? Do they fit the thumbsticks?
  3. I tried some noname extenders first. Then i tried kontrolfreeks one tall and one short, i bought the blue ones for the ps4 but i had to modify them to get them to fit. (sanded down the hooks). I did this since i could not get my hands on extenders for a 360. They should fit without any problems since they are bigger than the ps4 sticks, but i cannot confirm this.
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