Synapse 2.0 can't remember my login/passord anymore.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by AvlasenkoVitaliy, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    After latest Synapse 2.0 update it asks me for login and passord everytime after system shut down or restart. Who has the same issue? It's just so uncomfortably to log in everytime.
  2. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Nope. Mine works all good, it's just logging it all by itself when i reboot my pc.
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  3. Got the similiar issue.
    Synapse remembers email but ask for password after every reboot.
  4. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    Glad to hear that I'm not the one with it. Smells like a bug...
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  5. Same problem here. It's REALLY annoying. Does anyone know more?
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  6. ThaRazingSmurf

    ThaRazingSmurf New Member

    Hi, I have the same issue. Now and then it works like before, and it logs on without the need to typ the password. Last week the issue came back and now every time we start up the pc we need to typ the password again even when tick the 'remember password'. It is not a world problem, but yet should the synaps not yet remember the password without typ in every time? As I am not the only one I thought I would add to this thread. Thank you in advance.
    Oh I forgot to mention, I had installed the cortex but then removed it again. Could this be the issue maby? Thanks.
  7. Dekades

    Dekades Community Cowboy Staff Member

    Hey everyone, I had the same issue! Can't promise this will work, but let me know if it does and I'll pass this on to the team as well.

    1. After logging in, check to see in Synpase 2 if the circle by your email is green in the top right corner. I noticed that with this bug, it was showing a red circle (Light? Dot? Indicator?), even though I was logged in, with internet.
    2. Look on the bottom right to see if there is a last synced note with an option to click on it to sync again. I'm guessing there was a sync issue that threw it into a confused state (bug).
    3. After clicking sync, I restarted the computer and, boom, it automatically logged me in.

    Love to know if this works out for the rest of you.

    p.s. I also noticed that this happens if there's no internet when Synapse 2 launches.
  8. TiredCube

    TiredCube New Member

    I have the same problem. It remembers my email, but not my password. I wish I could rollback the update, it's incredibly annoying to have to do this every time I turn on the computer.

    I don't have a constant internet connection, but it was not an issue before. I could turn on the computer while offline, and the chroma profiles would work just fine. Now it defaults to the changing colors.

    I hope they fix this bug, because it's certainly not something the user has to do or workaround. It was only introduced in this latest Synapse 2 update.
  9. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    I've been facing the same problem with synapse set to start in offline mode (it sets the circle to red, as it's supposed to); this should be corrected for those that don't wish to run the program always online. Can't test the log in issue it now, because I've reverted to legacy 3.05 on a DA 1800 due to the other current problem on synapse 2 on DA 1800/3500 mice, that makes it unable to set either light settings or USB Hz.
  10. glenort

    glenort New Member

    Hello. Anyone solved this issue? Only online mode helps, but it's kind of a stupid idea...
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  11. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    Come on Razer, give us some answer. The issue is still persist and I start to think that my other issue with DA Elite sensitivity comes from this bug with Synapse.
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  12. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    If you check this thread, the issue might be the lack of an internet connection right at the moment Synapse is started, even when Synapse is set to start in offline mode, as it'll always happen if the network adapter is disabled. The time it takes for a wi-fi adapter to connect to the internet could cause this bug to trigger, causing the login prompt to pop up, instead of starting the program already logged in and resume proper operation when a network is found.
  13. TiredCube

    TiredCube New Member

    Right, but the point we're making is that this didn't happen before this last update.
  14. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    Well, of course. I was just pointing that the reason for it to be random on some systems could be related to how quickly wi-fi manages to connect to the internet right before Synapse starts. Hence it doesn't always happen.
    Since the latest update it randomly happens to me on a wi-fi connected system, but not on a LAN one where internet is ready sooner.
  15. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    I use wired internet with manual connection. Yes, Synapse always was in offline mode before, now it is not, but asks for a password everytime. I think Synapse could work better in both this cases - remember login and work in online when you connct to the internet.
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  16. maakso

    maakso New Member

    Same problem here. Login remembers my email, but not password and it pops up everytime I start computer. I have LAN, so basically internet should be also up everytime.
  17. greatDandelion254

    greatDandelion254 New Member

    I'm gonna go ahead and guess this is related to Windows 10 only. I recently installed this OS after years of using 7 with Synapse 2.0 for my Mamba 2012 without a problem and all of a sudden i start getting the login box popping up after every boot-up. There's another thread i found here where a user possibly got assistance, hopefully a solution will be disclosed.
  18. AmbientEcho

    AmbientEcho New Member

    Yup, same issue here... I made a mistake reinstalling this and now it asks me to log in EVERY damn time i start my PC... What on earth are you doing out there? I wish I could simply downgrade but I guess that's just asking for too much in 2018, I have to wait 2 weeks for an update I suppose.
  19. WhiteTOPAZbiz094

    WhiteTOPAZbiz094 New Member

    Not a fix but a good work around.

    I can confirm that what happens is, Synapse tries to log onto Razer before your internet connection is made.
    For me it happened when I installed a filter that will not let the internet start until the filter is running. Therefore making the connection later in the startup sequence.

    Ideally I would just get Synapse to open later but I don't know how to put a 30 second delay in.

    So I turned auto start of Synapse off. The put an icon on the screen.
    Bu the time the screen is up the internet is and one double click on the icon and it loads, signs in and goes to the icon tray without any other clicks needed.

    Hope that helps.
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  20. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    There is a way to delay it's start. First you'll have to (do what you already did) disable default synapse.exe auto-launch from \run, and then in task scheduler create a new task to launch synapse.exe (actions tab, run program) at user log in with your set delay (triggers tab, at log on; delay is on advanced settings bellow).
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