Synapse 2.0 can't remember my login/passord anymore.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by AvlasenkoVitaliy, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    Still have this issue. Nothing was fixed for me...
  2. IceCreamKimi

    IceCreamKimi New Member

    I'm using the Tournament drivers, wonder if that makes any difference?

    I haven't had to log in since my last post. Hope you can get yours sorted.
  3. I too am having this login problem - Win7 Ultimate, just updated to the latest Synapse 2.21. Every $&*%& time I boot, I get the login window. My email address is shown, but I have to enter the password manually.

    The explanation suggested in this thread seems plausible. I use a software firewall, which deliberately prevents anything from connecting to the Internet before the system is fully booted. (This is the way all PCs ought to work, obviously.) I've logged in to Razer once, then switched to Offline Mode. That's more work than is really called for, and it should be the end of it - until such time as I manually go to Online Mode, to sync settings or update drivers.

    Does anyone know if Synapse 3.0 beta solves this problem? My Deathadder Elite is supposed to be supported, but I'm reluctant to load even more flaky software onto my PC...and the UI in version 3.0 looks horrible.
  4. IceCreamKimi

    IceCreamKimi New Member

    I don't know if Synapse 3 solves the problem but make sure you have a boatload of RAM. Just for my keyboard it was using over 1GB for it's various processes. I downgraded to v2.xx just for this reason.
  5. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member


    We fixed some memory-leak related issues in the 23 July patch, which should have improved resource usage considerably. Personally, my PC with 5 devices is currently using only about ~55MB total for all Razer processes.


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  6. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    An update was issued to synapse 2 in the last days, but the password prompt still pops up when it's started without an available internet connection.
  7. Berserker_RJR

    Berserker_RJR New Member

    Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    This issue popped up for me with the last update. When no internet connection is available I get the prompt to login. Email is saved but password is not. I have to enter it every time I start synapse without internet.
    Booted up today to find there was an available update. Applied it and nothing has changed.
  8. aninterestedparty

    aninterestedparty New Member

    I have the same issue.
  9. Please fix this constant log-in issue and change my username to SPRSKL. This is the first time I write here and I couldn't even change my username; the field was already filled and couldn't be changed. You can see the current username under my avatar and it is weird. Is my account hacked or something?

    Fix your attitude as a company, make your software work smoothly and create more durable devices, that don't break right after the warranty period has ended. Thank you!
  10. this is a big bug.
    synapse cant remember my password.
    Technical teams can not help.
    If this problem doesn't resolved, I will choose logitech...
  11. It seems that today (tuesday) an update was issued to specifically fix this problem, but yet, it still persists! I humbly ask you Razer to still work on this. So annoying!

    I'm using Windows 10 build 1809 if that is any relevant.

    If I have to live with this everyday from now on I will surely buy Logitech or Roccat in the future. I have a Logitech keyboard and their software works fine.
  12. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    Under 1809 (17763.55) with Synapse in offline mode, after manually disabling the LAN adapter and restarting (or log off/ log in) Synapse will now go into the tray (and open) without asking for password. Before today's update, it wasn't possible on this system.
    If left online before, it'll also won't bugger with any login prompt, and it'll auto log-in later as soon as internet access is restored. So, it finally seems fixed here.
  13. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I can confirm this has indeed been fixed with yesterday's patch. Apologies this took longer than we would have liked, but all of our engineers have been neck-deep in Synapse 3 and working towards its final release.

    On the plus side, the timing of the patch means that we have managed to also ship bug fixes specific to the windows 1809 update as well.

    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
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  14. Indeed, I'd like to report too that the log in screen no longer pop ups, so nice job Razer. I received the exact same update prompt hour or two after my last post and then it seemed to update properly.
  15. This issue is confirmed
    They fixed this bug
    I'm temporarily happy and I hope that they will not make any mistake...
  16. Sentimitzu

    Sentimitzu New Member

    Well, to be honest, it is far away from being very satisfied, because almost four months passed!
    We could see here how quick people got negative attitude.
    You should not let the people wait too long.

    Anyway, finally the bug is fixed. Woohoo!

  17. aninterestedparty

    aninterestedparty New Member

    I am also running 1809, but the update did not fix the issue for me. Why should I disable the LAN adapter and how does one go about doing that? I just did the update and did a restart.
  18. AlleyViper

    AlleyViper New Member

    You shouldn't disable your LAN adapter, on my post above it was meant to test a connectivity problem to trigger/test the login bug.
  19. AvlasenkoVitaliy

    AvlasenkoVitaliy New Member

    Latest update fixed this issue for me. The only thing I have now is Synapse in offline by default but it's better that log in everytime after system start. Thanks for fixes Razer.
  20. aninterestedparty

    aninterestedparty New Member

    My bad. I had forgotten that I had disabled Synapse to run on startup, as a means to quiet "the ask" for my password on startup of the PC. Enabling it to run and a restart of my PC put the icon in my systray and I do not get the password ask. Problem solved by the update.
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