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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by taylor.hellebuyck, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. taylor.hellebuyck

    taylor.hellebuyck New Member

    How is it that Synapse 3.0 doesn’t have support for MacOS? Can we get a version of synapse 3.0 for Mac. 2.0 is only supported by old versions of MacOS and the third party app on GitHub doesn’t work too well. Why isn’t this built already? Why are you alienating half of your user base?
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  2. Nyneoh

    Nyneoh New Member

    Bro do u have a solution?
    Just got my Goliathus extended chroma today and when I downloaded both versions of synapse it didn't connect the device. how can I change this stupid rainbow color shift
  3. taylor.hellebuyck

    taylor.hellebuyck New Member

    The best I could find is this. It’s an open source project that works, sorta.

    Otherwise, Razer hasn’t gotten off their asses to build in support for MacOS. Pretty pathetic that they are willing to alienate half their user base, imho
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  4. CeriDavies

    CeriDavies New Member

    I tried Razer Synapse 2, which they have a version for MacOS 11 (not 12), and that doesn't work on 12 (Monterey). I'm on 12.6, and probably going to the13 soon,unless I find a reason not to. I also downloaded the latest release from.
    and they both ask for me to connect a Razer device (I'm typing on it), so aren't detecting this BlackWidow Lite. Any ideas of where to look fur further help?
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  5. taylor.hellebuyck

    taylor.hellebuyck New Member

    Synapse 2 doesn’t work with higher versions, razer had said in so much. It’s basically useless.

    with the open source utility, I’ve noticed this happening when I’m connected via usb but when on Bluetooth, my device is recognized. I really don’t have a solid solution, I’m sorry to say,
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