Synapse 3 and Mamba TE

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by R6Krycek, Apr 12, 2019.

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    Hi, first of all sorry for my bad English as it is not my first language, I would like to have some insight on the new Synapse 3 since I have been using, without any issue, Synapse 2 until yesterday. I got a Tartarus v2 today and since it does not support Synapse 2 I uninstalled it (before connecting the Tartarus) removed any file and also disconnect my Mamba TE before performing a clean installation of Synapse 3. Starting Synaspe it correctly recognize my Mamba and the Tartarus, all the profiles from ver. 2 are gone but i was aware so I created 6 different profile, both keybinding and Chroma, for 6 different games and linked them; now the issues began, out of 6 profiles my Mamba correctly automatically switch with 2 of them. I have then tried to uninstall and install again Synapse 3, updated Mamba firmware to latest version (1.03), started synapse without mouse plugged, deleted and created again the profiles but nothing works, Mamba only automatically switch with 2 profiles and sometimes does not switch back to the default profile that is not associated to any program. As stated at the beginning i was using Synapse 2 until yesterday and it worked wonderfully, never missed a profile switch and always revert to default as soon as I close linked programs. What else can i try to have the Mamba correctly switch when a program is started as before? Any help will be appreciated, I'm starting to regret getting the Tartarus V2 since it basically force me to use Synapse 3 which my mouse really seems to dislike.
  2. R6Krycek

    R6Krycek New Member

    By the way neither the Tartarus switch automatically; strange enough the first time I create a profile it switch automatically, once I close the program and start it again the profile will not switch again.
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