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Synapse 3 for Mac

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Galiii

    Galiii New Member

    Same problem here
  2. Ultranius

    Ultranius New Member

    I just realized I can't customise the huntsman te after I bought it and plugged into my mac
  3. Frippen34

    Frippen34 New Member

    Is this for real? Just bought keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad for my kid three month ago and I explicitly told them that I will use the stuff with my iMac. For how long have this information been out? I know you guys at Razer have a licensing issue but I got a hardware issue and the hardware is your brand not working on my computer as of today since you decided to kill the driver renewal. Please show me the EULA/SLA.
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  4. FearInc.

    FearInc. New Member

    I love my Deathadder Elite and my Nari Ultimate headset. The Deathadder is still supported by synapse 2 but it is long out of date and they really need to release v.3 for Mac. Now whenever I turn on my computer I get a notice saying that V.2 will no longer work with the next release of macOS, coming this fall. This is bullshit on Razer's part, it really isn't that hard to port the damn software! JUST DO IT ALREADY, PLEASE! There are hundreds of comments here about this, why is no-one listening to us????
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  5. xSlimeee22

    xSlimeee22 New Member

    nearly 2 years later and there's nothing
    this is unacceptable
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  6. 6909069

    6909069 New Member

    also razer is being a bitch not gonna lie. they dont care about us mac users and its annoying. my mom bought me a deathadder elite and now i cant use it
  7. Ultharandor

    Ultharandor New Member

    Perhaps we should start buying Corsair Products. Their iCUE software is working fine on MAC.
    Maybe thet helps Razer to do something about their Software.
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  8. jakhay

    jakhay New Member

    same with me - really wanted to customize my new Deathadder v2 but no way to do it... may have to send it back ...
  9. guess which companies products i will never be buying again.

    can't believe this garbage still doesn't work on mac
  10. Pluto_X

    Pluto_X New Member

    I just bought the Ornata V2 and cant customize it in any way.
    Simply because Razer one of the biggest gaming brands in the world haven't bothered to make a version of Synapse 3 that works with mac.
  11. schep_schep

    schep_schep New Member

  12. Just chiming in to say that my Razer keyboard has become pretty useless. I had no idea that the support was dropping for Mac, and find this absolutely unacceptable. These keyboards are very expensive to begin with and then you advertise that they will work on Windows and Mac, so one would expect you to keep support even if code at Apple changes (you hire engineers for this sort of thing to keep up to date with it). I bought my keyboard last year, and for it to fail after 1 year because of dropped support means that this product essentially is a lemon. If the lifespan of Razer products is under a year, count me out of any future purchases. The answer shouldn't be get a Windows PC, that's essentially switching the financial burden on the consumer to solve their own problem rather than the supplier where the problem originated from! Take care of your customers Razer!
  13. AngelusGalenia

    AngelusGalenia New Member

    Razer please add support for macOS to Synapse! Long time Razer fan here. I would hate to have to switch to another company for peripherals!
  14. s3ver1na

    s3ver1na New Member

    I ended up moving to corsair so I can switch between my razer laptop and mac for gaming. I now have a corsair keyboard and mouse and they work beautifully with mac as well as PC. Welp. They lost me for now.

    I gave them about a year and a half of waiting and gave up waiting after hearing crickets. No love.
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  15. Syedzainnn

    Syedzainnn New Member

    I have a huntsman elite keyboard and LanceHead mouse. I’ve been using it at work windows PC but i want to use it with my Mac at home now, still waiting for the Synapse 3 on Mac.
  16. RedReality69

    RedReality69 New Member

    One more request!
    We need Razer's working software on Mac!
  17. rtcockrill

    rtcockrill New Member

    It can't be all that difficult.
  18. DuckyDog

    DuckyDog New Member

    Guys, I just got off the online chat with Elaiza from support. It's confirmed. Synapse 3 was released in 2017. It is 2020, middle of the year. Razer has NO intention to support ANY other OS (Linux, macOS) than Windows. That is the reason why you don't hear any peep from their folks on this thread.
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is the truth. Time to move on.
    Returning $300 worth of Razer equipment. Keyboard and mouse.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2020
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  19. RockDocTG

    RockDocTG New Member

    Just picked up the Huntsman Elite...PC is being built, and wont arrive for another month due to COVID. Installed software on my Macbook Pro... Dead in the water on changing the lights. Very disappointing guys. Please release some Mac support for synapse 3. I can't believe this hasn't happened yet.
  20. Ishavet12

    Ishavet12 New Member

    Came here to look for a way to get the backlight customization to work on my newly-bought BlackWidow keyboard on macOS just to find that people have been discussing the impossibility of this for more than three years... ouch... not going to lie, this must be it what it feels like falling for a scam.
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