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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. tokimoki

    tokimoki New Member

    It's no use I suggest you make a switch. Few days ago, I've posted on behalf the mac users. but they have deleted my post instead of replying me.

    luckily i've have my post & few days later Razer support deleting my post. :D

    Razer has dropped macOS. if you refer to thumbnail 3

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  2. andrencampos

    andrencampos New Member

    They don't care about MAC users, that they don't even reply..
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  3. TizTastic

    TizTastic New Member

    Excellent, just bought a new tartarus which was delivered today. Packaging etc says supported but in fact..... Great company.
  4. mojoprime

    mojoprime New Member

    So, you see, Razer, that while not a huge base, there's a lot of Mac users that are pretty ticked off. i have hundreds of dollars invested in your equipment that know sits in a cardboard box, useless. i feel like i've gotten the bait and switch here; at the very least, you should continue to support the products you have out there that still say mac-compatible with a version of synapse 2 or some other solution. This is a pretty disappointing position to be in for a company that says it prides itself on its support for its users. yeah, but only if you use the right brand of OS.
  5. Reikens

    Reikens New Member

    Thanks for sharing these screens with us... now we know that it will no longer be supported.
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  6. xARACHN1D

    xARACHN1D Well-Known Member

    Fact of the matter is that windows is the most highly gamed on OS. Mac users are typically not gaming and mainly use it for work. they provide basic support to Mac for their products but they wont go as extensively as they do with windows because its a wasted endeavor.
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  8. ThatOnePepe

    ThatOnePepe New Member

    Mac users rly want the synapse 3 tho, even if it doesn't have all the features like said before. Maybe just macros and editing buttons.
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  9. SamiHexx

    SamiHexx New Member

    I've spoken to razer support team about my Kraken TE only being synapse 3 comparable, I got told that synapse 3 will be released on Mac, but there's no set release date

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  10. pettyjn

    pettyjn New Member

    Is this a joke? I just paid $180 for a mouse and charging stand, and there is no software for Mac? This thread is TWO years old!! What a joke.
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  11. AtomSmith

    AtomSmith New Member

    I guess i am going to return this hunter elite ..... Why not support Mac.. like come on its 2020
  12. just bought a deathadder v2 pro for my 2016 mbp, while not a huge gaming machine, it can run tf2 at high settings without bad frame drop, and I want to do so with a nice mouse with macros controls... why must I be denied after spending ~~130 bucks

    plus I can't find the wireless charging dock combo deal anywhere and it makes me ~~sad because I kinda want to be able to charge my mouse?? easily?? without thinking?? just put it on the cool dock overnight?? idk mang. it's mad frustrating. Razer is better than this, they really are.
  13. TommyHerout

    TommyHerout New Member

    I also miss Synapse3 for MacOS. Bought the firefly v2 mousepad and now i wanna return it.
    Really dissapointed about that.
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  14. Official_Philipp

    Official_Philipp New Member

    I've bought the new MB Pro M1, so Bootcamp doesn't work anymore :slightly_sad: im crying. I have bought the Razer Basilisk x Hyperspeed. It's my first and it'll be my last Razer product. Razer sux. I don't want to dislike it, but I do, because nobody cares about Mac users.
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  15. mojoprime

    mojoprime New Member

    almost 300 posts, 15 pages of questions and purchases made by people expecting support and having spent thousands of dollars on your equipment. please reconsider synapse 3 for mac.
  16. aisan_nugget

    aisan_nugget New Member

    anyone know what to do if my ornata v2 wont connect to razer synape 2. im on mac btw
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  17. mojoprime

    mojoprime New Member

    it'll work as a keyboard but it may say on the box if it requires synapse 3. if it is, you're out of luck. also, don't know how synapse 2 will work in big sur but if art has 32-bit code in it, it won't work.
  18. RoscoAudio

    RoscoAudio New Member

    Mac OS users I have had success with using another piece of software to operate my Tartarus Chroma and my Orbweaver.
    The name of the piece of software is ControllerMate made by Ordered Bytes.

    I used this successfully over 10 years ago with my Nostromo N52TE
    I am using it again after last weekend when the servers went down, and I lost thousands of dollars work because my controllers couldn't log on.

    The software has a steep learning curve, but works great.

    It is a little flakey on 10.12... sometimes you have to unplug and replug in the controller for the software to see it, but the later version which is made for 10.13- 10.14 seems solid.
  19. PixxlezYT

    PixxlezYT New Member

    I have the new all star bundle and its sad that me a Mac user we done have synapse 3 that sad
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