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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. SGCR3D

    SGCR3D New Member

    It's a bit silly that products are being released that require a beta version of an application in order to function. Synapse 2 should be maintained and support all new hardware until Synapse 3 is in full release. But what do I know, I have only been developing software for 20 odd years.
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  2. retrocoastBrass101

    retrocoastBrass101 New Member

    I just dropped 3 hundred dollars on a mouse and keyboard which are not compatible with my Mac. Im not using them to game, Im using them for work and DJing. I spent over an hour trying to download drivers and install products that this company has quietly claimed they have no intention of making compatible with my computer. Incredible waste of money, incredible waste of time. Very disappointed.
  3. Toto3268

    Toto3268 New Member

    I agree with You!!!!!

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  4. Toto3268

    Toto3268 New Member

    I bought a MAMBA ELITE and then find out that it does not work on MAC. On the site it is not reported that it works only with SYNAPSE 3 and that there is still no version for MAC.
    Thank you so much for the money I gave you.
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  5. Espoff224

    Espoff224 New Member

    I have talked with razer and they say that they are busting their asses to have the synapse 3 working with mac users. I have an ornata chroma myself an you might know that the lighting is kind of half of the keyboard.
    so yeah FIX THIS RAZER!
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  6. Espoff224

    Espoff224 New Member

    But i do have a windows laptop an even if you change the keys and the lighting on that one it just resets if you plug it in a mac
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  7. Sentinelangel

    Sentinelangel New Member

    Razer -- guys -- come on. For the love of dog. Do you even know how many dollars you're leaving on the table by not getting Synapse 3 out for macOS?

    I bought a Kraken TE headset that won't work on my 2017 Retina iMac because Synapse 2 is no bueno. I want a Huntsman Elite. Two bills isn't the dealbreaker -- the lack of support is. For the love o' Mike, kick down that last barrier to me giving you guys money, can't ya?
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  8. JakeLeighhh

    JakeLeighhh New Member

    Yeah I bought the blackwidow elite for my macbook, didnt realise synapse 3 wasnt supported on mac and synapse 2 doesnt support the keyboard, still worth buying tho as it does have the wave lighting effect as standard but I'm still praying for support on mac to get that rainbow effect lol
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  9. SJSharkMaster

    SJSharkMaster New Member

    Continuing along the "Mamba Elite" trend on Mac, I use an iMac 21.5 inch (1,499$ model) and is Good for some games, and I have 3 RΛZΞR peripherals, that being the Mamba Elite, Ornata Chroma, and Firefly Hard Edition. 2/3 work, meaning the Mamba Elite cannot be customized on Mac. However, that doesn't mean it works, it works Great. The DPI levels have 4-5 adjustment levels to suit whatever you prefer. The scroll wheel up and down and side to side work, left and right work, and the forward and back work, but used only for secondary right clicks. In game, the Mamba's side buttons work. I do wish to see Synapse 3 come soon on Mac, even if it takes more then a year. Please RΛZΞR, make it for Mac.
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  10. dtammam

    dtammam New Member

    Yeah, I have to be honest. Synapse 3 for Mac would be awesome:

    - I have three Razer Naga Trinity's.
    - Two of them are on Windows PC's. One of them is on a Mac.
    - Razer mice are incredible tools for gaining efficiencies. I understand that most of them are designed with gaming in mind but even with productivity software or digital audio workstations like ProTools, the speed gains are awesome.

    The Synapse Legacy software is missing a few key features from Synapse 3:

    1. The ability to save profiles on the local mouse hardware. This is truly missed as Mac doesn't properly startup with Synapse software no matter how you configure it. This in itself would save a lot of clicks for a lot of users as one wouldn't need to start it up each time the machine boots up.
    2. Chroma is extremely limited. There are only 4 options compared to the layers of adjustments and tweaks you can make with Synapse 3.
    3. I am wary of purchasing new Razer hardware as I'm not sure it will be compatible with the software. As a user concerned with efficiency I want to be able to use the same hardware on each station I sit at to reduce the time needed for familiarizing. I'd love to try new Razer mousepads but don't want to bother as the Mac is a key part of my workflow and some peripherals will not work.

    Please release Synapse 3 for Mac.
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  11. MudkipOne0Five

    MudkipOne0Five New Member

    I've been using RΛZΞR products for years, but upon switching to Mac and wanting to upgrade, I am unable to do so. The Huntsman Elite only supports synapse 3 and the trinity doesn't work well at all on synapse 2. RΛZΞR would easily have at least $300 from me if they could release synapse 3 already for Mac.
  12. bitFawnsystem957

    bitFawnsystem957 New Member

    I just ordered a Logitec G600, to give it a try. I have 2 Razer Chromas, and 1 Razer Trinity, on my 3 Macs. I am sick and tired of Razer's total lack of regard for Mac products. When I complained about Synapse 3 not being available for Mac (Synapse 2 sucks), I was told flat out that they have no plans to make it for Mac.
  13. Zetthard

    Zetthard New Member

    Guys, I went through a number of posts here and on reddit and it is clear that Razer ignore MacOS users. There is no feedback from them regarding whether they are working on full product support in MacOS. More than half a year past since people started to ask them for support.
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  14. Hazpot3

    Hazpot3 New Member

    I have just purchased a Razer Deathadder Essential and am very disappointed to find out that neither Synapse 2 or Synapse 3 can be used with this product on a mac computer. I understand that being in Beta there can be issues while the software is being improved, but not having any apple software at all for this product without any warning when purchasing seems rather unprofessional and very inconvenient for me the buyer. I hope a beta version of synapse 3 for mac is available soon so I don't have to return this product as I am usually a big fan of Razer products.
  15. s3ver1na

    s3ver1na New Member

    I just bought a huntsman and I'm extremely disappointed that Synapse 3 Beta is not available for mac. I have been a loyal razer customer for years. This is really sad. I own 2 orbweavers (chroma, original), Orochi, 2 nagas, and 2 black widow chromas. I really love the feel of the new purple switches and would love to switch to a huntsman but this is not going to work for me until I can fully edit the colors and profiles.
  16. PM1848H09301445

    PM1848H09301445 New Member

    请支持mac os
    please support mac os
  17. Nearly mid-2019 now... Anybody got any news for an upcoming Synapse 3 for mac?
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  18. s3ver1na

    s3ver1na New Member

    It’s like they don’t watch any posts that have the word Mac in it.
  19. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    They're definitely watched. :)
  20. DudeofCourse

    DudeofCourse New Member

    I bought the Razer huntsman elite and it really is a fantastic keyboard but I am not sure that I am going to keep it as I use both a mac and a windows computer. Currently, my setup caters more toward me using my mac and for me to lose so much functionality in the form of not being able to use the main software required for this hardware to be worth the value. As synapse 2 is available for Mac I don't see why support has not been given to the newest edition of this software. This wouldn't even be AS annoying if there was a way to use the profile information that is saved to the keyboard when it is connected to my Mac but that is also not the case. Not only does this not work with the custom chroma settings but it also is the basic light settings. As far as I know, I can't even cycle through any of these presets without this software. Is there seriously NO way to make a version of synapse for mac that even has limited functionality? Just something to make this keyboard feel like it was worth the $200 price tag instead of a $40 Amazon board which allows you to cycle through the light presets just because it's plugged in. Come on Razer... Great hardware but just confusing implementation.
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