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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. s3ver1na

    s3ver1na New Member

    Watched, and no official responses with any reasonable information. All we're looking for is if we should keep hope alive, or if we should return the keyboards since all of the functionality that we want resides on synapse 3.
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  2. castGrayBluehead414

    castGrayBluehead414 New Member

    PLEASE support macOS even it only has fundamental features, like control light and custom the buttons on mouse.
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  3. Please support Mac OS; some of us bought your products because Razer advertised them as being Mac compatible.
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  4. soloIOLITE425

    soloIOLITE425 New Member

    My Mamba + Firefly + Deathstalker 'work' but every so often the mouse freezes and requires me to pick it up and blow on it set it down and move it across the pad furiously to restore function. Its REALLY annoying. The opposite of the investments purpose. Disappointed. ;(

    I am glad to know that it was them not me. :frown_:

    Selling all Razer gear and moving on... Seriously - I have this overpriced crap that freezes - stops and starts and all because 64BIT is hard for Razer? - its always been overpriced glitz with crap function and so all going out the door.

    Amazon sells keyboards, mice and pads with perty lights for 25% the cost of a razer that work in OSX HS / Mojave.

    In addition, the site performance here in the forums is awful. I searched for something and then started typing this response. It just kicked back a search error 6 minutes later.

    I was going to post more here but whats the point really - Macs are not typically gaming machines and Razer cant see the end of their noses over their glasses. Thats their choice.

    Au revoir...

  5. REALLY poor show, Razer. Synapse 2 for the Mac is horrible, especially after the move to Mojave. Gawd forbid I log out or worse, reboot the Mac. I have to manually kill Razer processes, Synapse, etc. and spend half an hour or more to get it working again.

    Where the hell is Synapse 3 for the Mac? Or ANY reasonably working drivers?

    Almost certain that what I currently own will be the last Razer hardware I ever buy.
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  6. soloIOLITE425

    soloIOLITE425 New Member

    yea its a drag - but like I said above - Macs are not Gaming focused and so Razer is not giving them many resources. They will get to it when they get to it - but I have reached out to Apple for comment since these products have the Mac Moniker on them, indicating that they support Mac OS.

    Every one of my boxes has the moniker on it. Mouse Keyboard Matte/Pad. They charge a premium for these devices and claim on the box that they support Mac OSX.
  7. Then they shouldn't sell products and claim they're Mac compatible! Synapse 2 is a joke and 3 is MIA.
  8. soloIOLITE425

    soloIOLITE425 New Member

    Agreed. It looks like they are having enough trouble with the PC version of Synapse 3 actually - Personally I never liked the overlay - Its always been sort of poorly written and I would imagine trying to get their utilities authorized by Apple is a little more tedious than MS Windows.

    But I do think the MACOS Moniker should be removed from the box and the existing products should have a HUGE ' DOES NOT WORK WITH OSX 64 BIT ' sticker slapped on them.
  9. Yeah, 3's been in beta for AGES at this point. They obviously can't get their )#(%$ together on any platform.

    ...and they want to sell me a laptop? LOL. Fat chance. As it is, I needed new speakers a while back and briefly considered their new Chroma-enabled setup - before I came to my senses and bought elsewhere.
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  10. soloIOLITE425

    soloIOLITE425 New Member

    I would not consider Razer system. Period. They always look really cool, but given the support they display for their existing customers with 69$ mice, and 100$ keyboards, I would not want the aggravation of owning a 2700$ paper weight because they refused to update a driver at some point. I mean - screw me once on 250$ worth of Periph's and then expect me to make a major investment with you in hardware? Yea, No.
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  11. skumtomteen

    skumtomteen New Member

    I'm also waiting for and EXPECTING Synapse 3 for Mac. Been doing so for quite a while now. Synapse 2 is mess, it's full of bugs and crashes from time to time. It crashes several times per week. And like someone else wrote, it is a hassle to get it started and working somewhat correctly again.

    Please Razer, fix Synapse 3 for Mac ASAP!
  12. soloIOLITE425

    soloIOLITE425 New Member

    I am frustrated hourly with this solution but have been too busy to replace them until now. Constantly picking up my mouse and blowing into the bottom and then running over the Razer pad furiously until the cursor reappears is just not something I can continue to deal with hourly.

    I bought a 25$ HCMAN lighted keyboard and whiles its not near as in depth and (that I know of yet) has no Utility that runs in memory for fancy controls - its has basic light functions, works PERFECTLY with my mac - I tested EVERYTHING - Recovery combos, the works and all for 25$ price recently went up on Amazon to $32 US but Its packaging is top notch, very premium feel. Its loud click action may not be everyone.
  13. fulvius

    fulvius New Member

    They should either fix Synapse 2 (which is completely broken on Mojave, starts up properly about 1/3 of the times) or release a new Synapse 3.
    This is really unprofessional.
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  14. Throwing in my vote here, too. It's time for Mac users to get software that unlocks all the hardware's promises.
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  15. dual8

    dual8 New Member

    Coming here to say I'm also frustrated with this. I have $500 of Razer peripherals. Looks like I can't buy many of the new ones because they are no longer compatible with Mac, and what I currently have is frustrating because synapse 2 crashes once any hour.

    On Mojave it is now even worse and is routinely the cause of preventing my computer from waking from sleep or shutting down/restarting properly. I'm sick of waiting. Dealing with my computer freezing and having synapse 2 crash all the time is so frustrating that I'm going to spend another $500 somewhere else to replace all my Razer gear with Steelseries, Logitech or one of the many other companies that have actual Mac support.
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  16. Blue4x4Pirate

    Blue4x4Pirate New Member

    Incredibly frustrated. Come on Razer. I know it's still in beta, but put some effort into Mac support, or I'll have to take my business elsewhere..
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  17. s3ver1na

    s3ver1na New Member

    I guess my only option is to switch back to my black widow chroma and use the huntsman on the PC. Blah. This is crap. I’m trying to find a good option for optical switches that work with a Mac. Looks like there are some out there but I’d really like to stick with razer since it’s a brand I’ve promoted since they first came out. :slightly_sad:
  18. Why has the official never responded? I have a lot of Razer products, which really disappoints me. I didn't expect to have more new features, even if it's a fixed Synapse 2 I can accept.
  19. YEP,,, got a lance head and no mac support
  20. Sentinelangel

    Sentinelangel New Member

    WTF is going on here, Razer? Quit screwing around and do this already. What are you going to do, leave your products unwanted by half the computing community? Quit being a bush-league mickey-mouse outfit, get your thumbs out of places your thumbs don't belong and get this job done. You charge big boy prices for your stuff, so quit being LAZY, and do the big boy job.

    And no, "we can't" isn't going to fly. You did with Synapse 2, so you can with Synapse 3. Get it done.
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