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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. Please kindly update the Synapse support for macOS Catalina.
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  2. Antigua

    Antigua New Member

    Hey guys, just thought I'd post here that I bought a Tartarus V2 to replace my Nostromo, which I use for controlling my DAW, Pro Tools to record, edit and mix music. (this is an untapped market for Razer, and a reason to support Mac OS I think!)

    Screen Shot 2019-10-30 at 17.11.26.png

    I discovered it will work with Synapse V1.87 for Mac on OSX 10.12.6, with the exception of horizontal scroll options on the scroll wheel. So it's pretty close to working, and I can even configure the colours etc!

    One solution for Mac users could be to use ContollerMate from Ordered Bytes. This will allow you to remap everything on almost any keyboard/keypad. It still has an issue with horizontal scrolling from OXS 10.12 onwards, but there are more advanced macro options to get around it.

    So for me at present, I'll be using ControllerMate for all key binding/macros and Synapse 1.87 for the lighting stuff (currently loving reactive mode!)

    Hope this will help some of you.
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  3. Tristan.dle

    Tristan.dle New Member

    My Deathadder works fine with synapse, I just received my black widow elite and I can't do anything cause a software isn't supported duh, bring synapse 3 please
  4. 321932H10100250

    321932H10100250 New Member

    I'm longtime user of Parallels on Mac and use Windows 10 for some scientific software. Never had problems integrating the two worlds but I need a mouse that will bridge the two systems seamlessly. However, I can't get my new Mambe Elite to work on EITHER platform. After carefully going through all the registration process, Synapse 3 on Windows won't show the Mamba...and no one at Razer will answer the phone or take a chat call!! Argh! LOVE the feel and accuracy of the new Mamba Elite but it's going back if I can't get it to run on EITHER system.
  5. Zyki.

    Zyki. New Member

    I actually own a Huntsman Elite since they released it, I am very disappointed that they still didn't release the day of today a version for mac
  6. Hey Mac folks, don't hold your breath on Synapse 3 for Mac. Read the reviews about Razer on Glassdor (especially what the Software Engineers say). IMO Razer simply doesn't have their sh!t together to reasonably expect a rewrite any time soon. It seems to me they've been rebuilding the same rubbish legacy code for the last 4+ years.

    Adjust your expectations accordingly.
  7. What a fracking driver, I have used nearly 10 different Razer mice, your driver on macOS is a s**t. The new Basilisk not recognized at synapse 2 at all. I swear I will choose logi next time.
  8. jjmteb

    jjmteb New Member

    Waiting for this for Mac as well...
  9. soleluna

    soleluna New Member

    The new kraken ultimate came out and guess what only works for 3.0 lol so we are all fucked.

    But i really wonder..

    Does really takes that much time to make a 3.0 for Mac??

    Does really costs to Razer too much money to do this??
  10. jjmteb

    jjmteb New Member

    I'm sure they weigh the economic benefits of doing developing for Mac. Certainly there are Mac gamers that like Razer products, but we are a minority by a considerable margin, to be sure.

    The basic hardware itself still works on a Mac, you just don't get the cool control features... so you will still have some people on Mac's that buy the hardware to use at a basic level with hope that one day it will be fully supported.

    The question that Razer bean-counters probably ask is: How much money is invested in developing Synapse 3 for Mac versus how much money in additional sales will having that support actually generate?
  11. Flyzhao

    Flyzhao New Member

    But when I connect the keyboard to the virtual machine, it won't work on the MAC. Is there a way to use it on both systems?
  12. RGB_Envoy

    RGB_Envoy New Member

    I just bought the Mamba hyperflux and firefly pad last Saturday and customer support is completely useless right now so I'm trying to get a refund. That employee has no idea of what's going on, if there will ever be mac support or not and it's been at least 15 months from what I'm reading without any progress in sight so I'm not gonna wait for a miracle. It is literally the first Razor product that I like and bought and I can guarantee that it's also the last.

    Now that useless rep sent me to another customer support service for the refund so I'm back in the damn queue and it's gonna take another hour just to argue with someone else who doesn't know what's going on.
  13. datmeik

    datmeik New Member

    Mate you totally lit my life for a reason to buy a Tartarus but now I have to wait for Razer to make some serious Synapse support for Mac (though I really appreciate the tip on ControllerMate + Synapse 1.87 just in case). Sorry Razer you oughta miss some more bucks here by now...
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  14. vanya.lapty

    vanya.lapty New Member

    I undestend that Razer didn`t care about the people who use the Mac...
    In a future i will must to buy hardware of other vendors, that supportings not only windows users
  15. I just bought a Blackwidow elite keyboard as a Christmas gift for my son. And now I would like to know if it will work on his 2018 iMac at all?
  16. koshtan

    koshtan New Member

    Why would you use Razer products on a Mac to begin with? Macs are not gaming machines and will most likely never be.
  17. Razer products are for more than just games. I use the Nostromo keypad for content creation (illustration, animation, 3D, video production). It's brilliant for productivity (when it works). There is an untapped market of creative pros who'd love Razer products if they worked properly for MacOS.

    As for gaming, yeah I'd probably use BootCamp to play games. Or if Parallels' Metal->DirectX implementation works well, that will be cool. But with a game like D:eek:S2 ported to MacOS, it would be nice not to need any of that.
  18. koshtan

    koshtan New Member

    But to have a beefed up Mac for playing modern games at decent speeds and settings would require forking out A LOT of money. You can build a more powerful Windows rig for far less money.

    Although when it comes to operating systems, I actually despise Windows and prefer macOS. As a gamer, I have no choice but to stick to using Windows. However, having a Mac for gaming purposes is just too costly and in the end not worth it IMHO. Build a dedicated Windows rig for gaming and have a MacBook Air for work. This is far more cost effective.
  19. thom1997

    thom1997 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    any update about Synapse 3 for Mac or still nothin?


    unfortunately Razer Synapse 3 does not work for iOS and requires windows 7 or higher.
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