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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Brainforsale, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. bitPERIDOTCamel663

    bitPERIDOTCamel663 New Member

    At this point this issue should be a consumer protection issue. They are highly misleading with their products. There is a huge number of people that purchased these products with the expectation that they would have the same functionality on OSX as others. Waiting a year+ for support is insane.

    I rarely advocate for these things, but honestly we should all just start filing complaints with BBB or other orgs.
  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    As a Mac User, I'm in the same boat as everybody here (and the lack of Synapse funcitionality with Catalina is one of the main reasons why I haven't upgraded my system - that and a lot of the other manufacturers of software I use with my MacBook say not to upgrade yet if I still want to use my software).

    Be that as it may, I'm going to have to leave this here, from the Insider House Rules thread: Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 12.04.53.png

    Basically, it is against the Insider House Rules to encourage group action against anybody, including Razer.
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  3. Thisas

    Thisas New Member

    @Razer do you not care about mac users at all. I can't configure any of my macros for any of my razer products cause I don't have synapse 3. Get to work.
  4. Augsgonzales

    Augsgonzales New Member

    Anyone have any success using Synapse 3 through Parallels?
  5. I work in production with commercials and just got to try out Black Widow keyboard, fell in love, and bought one for myself, a black widow elite. Now I can't use it proporly, or programme my keys. Sitting on a mac with Mojave, of course, and I'm truly disappointed.
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  6. rezapour

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    I mean look at this Razer, this thread has 34,000 Views! I won´t update my make so my Razer Hardware won´t stop working. How can you ignore such a big community?
  7. TitanFenix

    TitanFenix New Member

    Just got all my croma enabled devices just to find they don't work on Mac. Very disappointed. Synapse 3 for Mac is a must. they supported version 2 why leave Mac out of 3.
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  8. TitanFenix

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    Ok so I stared to look for older equipment and purchased a firefly cloth edition and a mamba tournament edition in the hoped of them working with the older synapse 2 as it states in the documentation. My firefly arrived and it is not working, I started to look around and found there are a lot of users with the same issue on Catalina. I have not received the mouse yet but fear I may have similar issues, this is frustrating as razer used to support Mac users and now nothing. Synapse 3 has been in beta for over a year for PC and new products are getting release with Synapse 3 only support so live products with beta software support for PC and no support for MAC. I would really like to get my peripherals to work on my Mac but I may just have to return everything and find another brand.

    I have spoken with support and their suggestion was to signup for the newsletter and check Facebook in case razer releases anything for MAC. Seriously that is the solution, its been over a year with no support for Synapse 3 on Mac, its about time something came out.

    Is there anyone out there from Raser who can let us know if this is ever going to happen? If not just let us know and we will move on to another brand.
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