Synapse 3 Mac OS X Support

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by bayMediumTaupecool318, Feb 8, 2021.

  1. tetrodon

    tetrodon New Member

    please devellop the synapse 3 for macos 11.4 ... I can't use It and i can't use my Razer tartarus V2 :-(
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  2. Just bought my 4th Deathadder and this is the last Razer product I will ever buy. Coming home just to discover that they didn't bother to make drivers for my OS isn't something I will forget.
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  3. Dyna49

    Dyna49 New Member

    Just picked up a Naga Pro today at Microcenter without checking this. I guess in 2021 you'd expect one of the largest brands to provide support on MacOS. Guess this plug and play $150 mouse is going back to Microcenter as soon as I order a new Logitech mouse
  4. Ochreeggaero355

    Ochreeggaero355 New Member


    avant tous je me présente, je suis un utilisateur des produits Razer , j'ai :
    -RAZER KRAKEN 7.1 V2


    et synapse 2 version 1,88,20

    voila déjà quelques années que j'utilise petit a petit tous ces produits.
    Par le passé ils ont pu fonctionner plus ou moins chacun leur tours .
    mai quand est-il vraiment aujourd'hui ? sert Apple sort des mises à jours OS régulièrement. les produits évoluent , mais comme toutes les sociétés .

    est ce que le prix des produits n'est pas assez cher pour avoir des personnes attitrées au développement pour les interfaces MAC OS ? ou est-ce une volonté dissimulée de l'entreprise de ne rien faire pour nous les personnes qui vous informent en vous et vos produits ?

    Cordialement .
  5. f08015c77

    f08015c77 New Member


    Just in case somebody actually reading this thread. Few days ago I bought RAZER KIYO PRO as highly recommended webcam. Today, when I connected it to my MacBook Pro, first thing I tried to search for software and in result found this forum. I searched more and it looks like as of today there is no software available for KIYO PRO on MacOS. Camera works, but I have no option to enabled HDR or change any settings.

    Outcome: Returning it back.

    P.S. Maybe SYNAPSE is not needed for webcam? Maybe it is a better way and you don't need to put all your hardware setup in one app?
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  6. Webas

    Webas New Member

    Razer, cmon! Let's do it! Give us support Mac users.
  7. quickpulseCherry019

    quickpulseCherry019 New Member

    thanks for the hint ... great!
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  8. quickpulseCherry019

    quickpulseCherry019 New Member

    great, did not know that!
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  9. Destrox80

    Destrox80 New Member

    Hey Guys,
    I am switching to the ZSA Moonlander. They have support for MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can use the left side of the keyboard as a gamepad and its fully customisable with macros and all the good stuff :)
    All I wanted was to use Tartarus Pro with Maya and Blender 3D softwares as it speeds up my workflow a lot. I am done with Razer.
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  10. lalaogrila

    lalaogrila New Member

    Up!!! Razer Naga Pro, same situation.... Razer come on!!! Help Mac OS users! Look at new laptops on Mac OS we need you...
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  11. This sucks. I bought a mamba wireless to use with my mac (work machine),
    and synapse has never worked. It's been a year, and the third party drivers I've been using on this stupid thing are now failing, and still no synapse 3 for mac. WTF?
  12. wowmats

    wowmats New Member

    How is this still an issue.... It's been almost a year that this thread was created. A company with the calibre of Razer should have been able to fix this? Heck this shouldn't even be an issue in the first place...
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  13. lalaogrila

    lalaogrila New Member

    If you don't planned to start working with Synapse 3 :frown_:, add ours devices to Synapse 2.0!
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2021
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  14. wowmats

    wowmats New Member

    Yes.. At least that!
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  15. lalaogrila

    lalaogrila New Member

    Sup. any comments from yours side?
  16. nampad

    nampad New Member

    Just signed up to say how utterly disappointed I am with your company as I just bought a mouse from you.

    I will NEVER buy anything from you again, it‘s a joke how you treat your customers. Heck, I will make sure that nobody I know will also buy anything from you ever again.
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  17. fatnecktiger

    fatnecktiger New Member

    another one here, bought a naga pro and can't use it on my Mac :f
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  18. Beltzak

    Beltzak New Member

    Hi everybody:

    I use Karabiner Elements to change my keyboard key mapping or Tartarus key mapping. It's free.

    And also I use BetterTouchTool to configure different behavior for the Mamba mouse buttons in different applications. Has lot of other features. 9€ plus VAT.

    I now want to be able to map and change Macro keys in my Keyboard and the small buttons in my Mamba behind the scroll not to change sensitivity stage and use them for keyboard function.
    So for that I had to install Synapse 1.87, update it and to be able to recognized then disconnect the usb cable and connect again. Well, not anymore. Follow reading.

    I hope this helps some people.

    Have a nice day.

    Now in order to Synapse be able to discover your devices you need to unplug and plug your devices. This sucks. Thanks Razer.
    # Install Razer Razer_Synapse_Mac_Driver_v1.87.dmg
    # Do not reboot yet
    # Open Terminal
    launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razerzone.rzdeviceengine.plist
    launchctl load /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razer.rzupdater.plist
    # Now you see Synapse Icon in Menu bar Open it and Update to version 188.20
    # You avoid to reboot twice with this.

    # What worked for me.
    # Synapse in Offline mode in order to not to interfere with my BetterTouchTool and Karabiner setups.
    # Install Xcode command line tools
    sudo rm -rf /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools
    sudo xcode-select --install
    # Install uhubctl
    brew tap mvp/uhubctl
    brew install uhubctl
    # Example from website
    uhubctl -l 20-6 -p 3 -a cycle -d 2
    Create a shell script named "":
    before the end of the script I use this command to exit the Synapse 2 app from the menu bar.
    launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/com.razer.rzupdater.plist

    # To launch the script every time you login with yout User
    # Source
    # Create a com.user.programtest.plist
    cp com.user.usb_reset.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/

    Better Instruction in
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2021
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  19. tristann88

    tristann88 New Member

    Anybody reading this post, if you are a mac user and you value having secure and up to date software and firmware for your devices, then it pains me to say, look elswhere.
    Ive spent hundreds of dollars on their products myself, and while I do enjoy the performance and endless features when I use these with my pc, Its sooo.... not the same story if you use a mac.
    Synapse2, (the only version compatable with mac) hasnt been updated in at least5-6 years, and is missing alot of features that windows users enjoy. So if you do most of your work(or play) on windows, its a worthwhile investment as far as productivity and gaming are concerned. But if you have come to rely more heavily on your mac as i have in recent years, youll definately regret the purchase!
    I mean unless maybe apple buys razor, or some other unholy miracle happens soon. hope this helps
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  20. bestUltraRedlife833

    bestUltraRedlife833 New Member

    The best thing to do is to switch your hand with RAZER products, there is no support for the Apple platform anymore !!
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