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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by abmanzo, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. DiegoVVX

    DiegoVVX New Member

    Hahahahahha its really a joke, you are bad humans razer team, go to fck!!
  2. geoflowOldLace654

    geoflowOldLace654 New Member

    After reading that Synapse 2 was supported for Mac, I bought the Basilisk. After several hours of trying, all I get is "Please connect a Razer Synapse enabled device", and what's worse is that macOS CLEARLY sees that this is a Razer product in the system report! WTH Razer! Thank you for free returns Amazon.....
  3. senft

    senft New Member

    It's just flat-out disappointing.. imagine being a major gaming company and you don't have something as basic as support for MacOS... plenty of smaller brands have it. I know for a fact with your resources you guys can pump this out like clockwork. For someone like me who wants to sync Razer with my Phillips Hue, not having Synapse 3 is a major bummer. Anyone know any workaround to get it working? If not, I'll just be returning my Razer devices.
  4. _gekkemarkie_

    _gekkemarkie_ New Member

    I just purchased ornata v2 but i have a mac. pls make it supported to Mac Os!
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  5. Platzhirschdeluxe

    Platzhirschdeluxe New Member

    Unfortunately this happened to me as well. I just purchased a new razer mouse, which is not fully functional on my mac. What a waste of money. On the Package its still saying compatible with mac... the past years i was satisfied with razer products on the mac. If there is no further support the next devices won't be razer products.
    Razer should make the software available for the mac quickly.
  6. coolOPALAmazon725

    coolOPALAmazon725 New Member

    peep this:
  7. douklou

    douklou New Member

    I had Logitech pro, changed for Ultimate Viper, juste wanted to switch off the led on the mouse but need Razer Synapse 3.
    I m on Mac ... by providing a software for only Windows you re showing how small you are.
    I didn t even thought that it could be not possible to have a software for Mac from Razer. No worry, next one will be a Logitech.

    If you don t provide a software for Mac users because their not valuable to you, do It at least for your Brand image of a serious and big company.
  8. douklou

    douklou New Member

  9. Razor-Mike

    Razor-Mike New Member

    Hallo Razer-Support,
    please make Synapse 3 available for OS X too – just like Synapse 2 before!
    I would love to configure the colors of my new Razer Goliathus Chroma XL.
    Kind regards Mike
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  10. Sye_The-Vie

    Sye_The-Vie Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    We know Apple deliver great products
    and I am sorry if I offend / hurt any Apple users, fans, enthusiasts

    Care to join Windows?

    As what @Jenjar have posted RAZER have no plans to support Synapse 3 on Mac

    But who knows if things change, but would you wait years for that change to occur?
  11. greatMantisbuzz856

    greatMantisbuzz856 New Member

    I completely agree, this is outrageous. We spend our hard earned money on their products and they don't have the curtesy of supporting us. Every other piece of software I have has been updated to support Mac OS 11 except razer. Making my mouse and Tarturus virutally useless. And as has been said, they have never bothered to release Synapse 3 for the mac. I am done with Razer and will start posting criticisms wherever and whenever I can
  12. greatMantisbuzz856

    greatMantisbuzz856 New Member

    So your solution is that I scrap my $2000 Imac, buy or build a widnows machine, in order to get a couple of Razer products that together maybe cost $250. Wow, what an absolutely wonderful solution. How about Razer supporting their products??
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  13. greatMantisbuzz856

    greatMantisbuzz856 New Member

  14. Ombragigia

    Ombragigia New Member

    plz Razer Synapse 3 update to Mac
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  15. version3point1

    version3point1 New Member

    I recently purchased a Razer Kraken Kitty Edition headset and couldn't get it to work with Synapse 2 on Mac (MacBook Pro 13" 2020) through a USB-C adapter. The headset lights up and I am able to listen to audio and his the microphone, but that's about it.

    I was able to get Razer Synapse 3 to work on my Mac hardware just fine, however, this was through Windows 10 on Parallels. It didn't pick up the headset straight away and I had to exit all Razer processes while setting up the headset (selecting Windows 10 when given the choice with the dialogue boxes for headphones and microphones when the headset is first plugged in, then giving Mac permissions to Parallels to use the headset), but once I completed the process, it showed up in Synapse 3 just fine and I was able to get full control of the headset. Upon exiting Windows 10/Parallels, if the headset is still plugged into the USB, it will just default back to the white lights and basic audio functions.

    I'm yet to try and see if the headset/Synapse 3 will work on an older MacBook Pro 13" (2017) through Windows on Boot Camp, but I imagine it will. Obviously not an ideal workaround with Parallels or Boot Camp, but it's an option to those who have it as I'm not holding out for full support, given the response.

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  16. mcbnl

    mcbnl New Member

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  17. Deiniri

    Deiniri New Member

    Ok, one more voice. For my mac laptop I bought huntsman keyboard, naga pro mouse, core x chroma egpu and what? I cannot properly customize my keyboard and mouse. Wow, such a "nice" gaming experience, guys. Frustrated.
  18. mattJarz

    mattJarz New Member

    "The question is: which one will you choose?" None.
  19. Mr_Fabtastic

    Mr_Fabtastic New Member

    ahh ffs I just bought a Nari Ultimate headset for my ps5 and I was hoping I could change some setting on the Razer Synapse software 3 but that's not compatible with Mac OS even though your products are supported under Mac OS not sure if that's still classed under false advertisement
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  20. not_too_shabby

    not_too_shabby New Member

    Just got a Viper Ultimate for Christmas and I use Mac. Very disappointed that synapse 2 does not recognize it and Synapse 3 does not support Mac. Debating whether to return it now. Please either update Synapse 2 to support your newer hardware, or come out with synapse 3 for Mac.
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