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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by abmanzo, Aug 13, 2020.

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  1. I have had a Razer Naga Epic for nearly a decade, and the left/right mouse buttons finally seem to have died on me. I picked up a Razer Naga Trinity as a replacement (hate the thumb buttons compared to the Epic) and am devastated that it doesn't work on my Mac now.

    I work in ecommerce, so I've built up a list of macros that work across Excel, Photoshop, Chrome, and countless other apps that have made me extremely efficient over the years, but now I'm completely in the weeds because this mouse doesn't even work with the Legacy 2.0 software.

  2. Hi I just bought an Atheris, the only reason is at the shop they did not have a trackpad. I was hoping to use the side buttons to bind Shift and Command so in Ableton I can zoom and scroll.
    Unfortunately I discovered that this mouse is compatible only with synapse 3.
    There are ways I can bind these two buttons to shift and command without Synapse, I can't find nothing on the internet
  3. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

  4. macbrush

    macbrush New Member

    I have been using Deathadder Elite v1 for my Mac for gaming, and I love it. Recently it developed an issue with its scroll wheel click button, was going to buy a Deathaddres Elite v2, but luckily I stumbled to this post. Now either I could fix the button, or I'll get another brand. I was also tempted to get a Huntsman Elite too while I was in the computer shopping mall, looks like it'll be another brand as well.
  5. SP_Cryptic

    SP_Cryptic New Member

    i dont give two shits about changing rgb lights i just need synapse 3 for mac because i need to change the debounce

    if anyone has a github or something for it please reply to this comment

  6. bnice123

    bnice123 New Member

    Question...If I download synapse 3 on a windows, and remap my naga pro buttons accordingly, then connect back to my macbook, will it forget the remapped settings? Or does the remapping move with the mouse itself? Wishful thinking
  7. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    The settings will be stored on onboard memory.
    Be aware, that not all functions will be stored to the memory (Synapse will show information, that software is required to use this function).
  8. zhangl8512

    zhangl8512 New Member

    I am a Mac user, and I almost bought a Razer wireless mouse today. Fortunately I saw this post and I cancelled my order immediately. I am a long time Logitech fan, but the quality of their mouse is rather poor in the past few years, so I am considering switching to Razer. But that wouldn't be an option unless Razer updates its software for Mac support.
  9. itz_joee

    itz_joee New Member

    Just bought a Razer chroma keyboard and viper mouse because my old ones broke. Gutted to see that I can't customise them on my Mac, Might return them and change it for corsair. Please for the love of god make synapse 3 available for Mac!
  10. Adding my more-than-two cents. Purchased the Sieren Mic and Kiyo pro as they received the best reviews on sites I trust. Regretting this now, the kiyo pro doesn't even perform as well as the internal macbook camera without adjustment, and any web cam control apps I try cannot access any fuctionality needed (zoom, FOV, even brightness). This is a really expensive paperweight without software to control it. I'm happy to try alpha / beta version to assist in getting this rapidly released!
  11. Surf22

    Surf22 New Member

    Been 2 years... how long it take to write a driver?
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  12. mynamebrody

    mynamebrody New Member

    I'm in the exact same boat :/
  13. I've always used Razer on Mac but it hurts that I can't use my Razer Blackwidow Elite and Razer Basilisk V2
    I do not want to change brands because I like it a lot but I ask that Mac users not be left without support
  14. Another broken mac user checking in.

    It's been years of buggy work arounds up till now which has always been a struggle, but since Big Sur things have been completely broken. Can we get a mac support roadmap at least?
  15. Just bought my first Razer Mouse. Pro Click for my homeoffice.
    As a mac-user i'm disapointet now realizing that theres no possibilty to config the mouse.
    Synapse 3 is not running on mac. Synapse 2 does not Support Pro Click.
    Razer please find a solution for that issue!
  16. maxreeves

    maxreeves New Member

    it is ridiculous that it's been this long without getting a mac release at least in the works. what is the reasoning here?
  17. KaladinBridgeman

    KaladinBridgeman New Member

    Adding myself to this thread, how I wish there was support for this. I love my Naga Trinity mouse but without Synapse I cannot use the Change Profile button of my mouse, I don't understand why I need Synapse for this in the first place.

    MacOS is full of the weirdest shortcuts and I have to use ChromeOS, Windows and MacOS every single day. My life would be so much easier if I could only change mouse profiles when in Mac, hope we can get some help here eventually, thank you!
  18. HBChristo

    HBChristo New Member

    RE: Lost Windows/ Command (Cmd) Key on Razer Synapse 3 for Mac/ Catalina/ Quad-Core 16G Ram
    Razer Synapse 3 massive lag time opening;

    Razer Synapse for Mac is removing my Cmd/Windows shortcut key regularly AT THE MOMENT (Normal/disconnects/normal...then disconnects). Spoke to Apple Senior Technical Support and we verified from the "Show Keyboard Viewer" option Cmd had NOT DROPPED on an Apple Extended Wired Keyboard.

    And losing Copy-Paste functionality breaks the keyboard, no matter how good it is.

    Now I want to impress upon Razer I purchased Razer across the board for RGB in low light settings, and some physicality...not to play RPGs endlessly.

    Please confirm Mac support is ongoing from Razer for updated drivers please to macOS, and some possible workarounds for dropping Command Keys (Windows Keys) as this breaks keyboards on Macs, RGB or not.


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  19. KaladinBridgeman

    KaladinBridgeman New Member

    Well, after a lot of fiddling I was able to use Karabiner to remap all the things I wanted from my mouse. Super happy with how it turned out! I'd strongly recommend this to anyone who is also undergoing frustrations of mouse mappings.

    Not having Synapse 3 is no longer a concern for me, I won't even need a separate profile on my mouse, the same one I use for Windows will do. Still, I wish you all who still need Synapse 3 on Mac eventually get it... peace.
  20. HBChristo

    HBChristo New Member

    So what is our workaround if Synapse has been deep six’s which I simply can’t accept, except for the fact it’s illegal in Australia to sell products as supported - then retract it: Australian Consumer Law says 7 years FOI.

    Synapse is slow... but I will take it over a light show which can’t work... but this won’t fly.
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