Synapse 3 - Macro - Need 'key down' event without 'key up'!!!

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Draimond, Oct 16, 2018.

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  1. Draimond

    Draimond New Member

    To make an auto run macro for games that do not have auto run built in, I need to record a W key down event without having the key up even automatically added to the event list.

    This was possible with Synapse 2 and the original Nostromo software but the functionally of Synapse 3 has removed this feature.

    I really really need this back. I cannot stress this enough.
    It's not just the auto run I'm missing, I had a heap of macro's set up without key up events.

    I am literally at the point now where I'm considering either moving to another brand or making a keypad myself using Arduino.

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  2. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    Are you able to delete the release?
  3. Draimond

    Draimond New Member

    That would be the ideal solution as I'm sure it would take the least coding to implement.

    But no, I did try that.
    You could in the old macro software but not in Synapse 3.
  4. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master

    In the old one, I think you could stop the recording of the macro while the key was held down, and it wouldn't automatically add the release. :slightly_sad:

    You can still do it on Synapse for Mac.
  5. Draimond

    Draimond New Member

    That's how I was doing it in Synapse 2.

    With Synapse 3 the key down will be automatically deleted if the key up isn't recorded.

    Tried this too.
    If you take two keyboards and record two key down events of the same button, only one will show up in the macro log.

    Where are macro stored?
    Can I modify the file that stores the macro instructions I wonder?
  6. GlorifiedBicycle

    GlorifiedBicycle New Member

    I am having the same issue. Just switched to Tartarus V2 and Synapse 3 and I am alarmed to find I cannot program a key down or button down event without a release event. I want it to release when I release the bound key, not press for a preset duration and not repeat one hundred times.

    This is basic functionality. It worked in Synapse 2. I can still download Synapse 2 but I can't use it with Tartarus V2. These restrictions and exclusive relations are also alarming, as it feels like users are being herded to products and software that do not work well.

    This thread is the only one I've found discussing this issue, and it was created recently, so I am not optimistic that the issue will be addressed. I feel I must return my Razer product. I am extremely disappointed.
  7. GlorifiedBicycle

    GlorifiedBicycle New Member

    I also can't bind two modifier keys to one key in Synapse 3. I did this in Synapse 2.

    It seems at every turn, Synapse 3 has removed the functionality to which I am accustomed. How can this be considered progress? I mean, it's just games and maybe it's not that important but how is this organization being managed?

    If I told my customers that they were required to upgrade to a new version that removed functionality they had been using for the last few years, they would not even complain or protest. They would simply go shopping for alternatives.
  8. GlorifiedBicycle

    GlorifiedBicycle New Member

    I wonder if I would have better luck with the functionality of some cheap gaming peripherals from Amazon with brand names I've never heard of. I bet they would get the simple, basic functionality right, and at a lower price. I'm shopping now.
  9. Draimond

    Draimond New Member

    I've got hardware from 3 different manufacturers now. Corsair provide about 90% of the functionality I'm after where as Razer with it's current software provides only about 10 - 20% of the features and functionality I need.
    It's really unfortunate because I've always stood by Razer for it's physical hardware... and always had issues with it's software.
    Dear Razer, please ignore your customers more ;)
    Don't worry, forums are an excellent place to vent your concerns and not be heard!
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