Synapse 3 - Macros Assignment option is missing- 12 June 2020

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by MiLeX84, Jun 12, 2020.

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  1. MiLeX84

    MiLeX84 New Member

    Synapse Version: 3.5.531.51418

    Synapse had an update for me today, might be a few days old not sure.
    I wanted to assign a new macro to another key when I noticed the option was missing.
    In previous updates the overall category for the 'Macro Editor" in the top bar, next to profiles, studio, etc disappeared, the only way to access the macro editor was to first select a key, then choose 'Assign Macro" where you would then find a link to the macro editor, already cumbersome, but it worked and I was still able to create and assign new macros.

    With the current version, the "Assign Macro" option is gone too, for mouse and keyboards, I cannot assign macros to new keys.
    All I can do for now is, select a key that has a macro assigned already, I can still open the macro editor and select other macros, however, I cannot assign macros to a key that currently does not have any macros assigned.

    Personally I would hope the Macro Editor makes it way back to the top bar of the synapse window, right next to the studio, and the "assign macro" option in the general button assignment list must return.
  2. MiLeX84

    MiLeX84 New Member

    Yeah, nevermind I guess, since when is the Macro editor an optional module, and why?
    Maybe I am blind, but this was not obvious for me, the HUE module I understand, not everyone needs that, but macros as an optional module, well now I know better.
    After installing the macro module, the editor is back on top and the assign macro option is also back in the list.

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