Synapse 3 Problems with Razer Blackwidow 2019

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by urbanLiverOPAL644, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. urbanLiverOPAL644

    urbanLiverOPAL644 New Member

    Hello my fellow people,

    since yesterday I am facing huge problems with Razer Synapse 3. As soon as the programm launches my Keyboard is turning on and off every 2 seconds and I am not able to do anything in that time.

    I got the Keyboard a week ago and till yesterday everything was working fine (new patch maybe?)

    As soon as I kill the process from Sysnapse 3 the Keyboard is working perfectly. UNfortunately I am not able to use Synapse 2 to program my Keyboard since its not listed. Synapse 2 is btw the better program in my opinion.

    So I installed Sysnapse 3 multiple times new. Tried to just install certain additions of Chroma to maybe find out where the problem came from, nothing worked. I even deleted every folder of Razer and deinstalled every programm to reinstall everything but even this didn't help.

    Did anybody face the same problem or can give me maybe some good ideas how to fix?

    Thanks in advance mates!
  2. toha1337322

    toha1337322 New Member

    Same here. There is no fix, sadly. I tried everything, even updated BIOS, USB drivers etc. This not gonna work. Only solution is to reinstall fresh copy of Win. But in my case, i just sold this junk. Excellent board ruined by its own software. Synapse 3 is the worst trash i ever seen in my life, feel like i burn 150$. Never buy anything from this company.
    As for you, there is no fix besides moving on other PC, fresh Win install, or get rid of Razer products (either Board or S3). And yes, your profile (aka Log In) is also cursed. If you even try to login in your account, on new PC or OS, you WILL face this bs again. Sell this and by HyperX instead.
  3. toha1337322

    toha1337322 New Member

    and yes, support never gonna talk with you. They silent and totally dont care, even here. "You burned money, haha, what and idiot. Buy more our junk"
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