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Synapse 3 - Some much needed features

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Tulukaruk, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Tulukaruk

    Tulukaruk New Member

    While I like how Synapse 3 is coming together, I think there are some issues that really need to be addressed.

    • The property selector "..." under the macro editor is annoying how it opens on hover. If you are not expecting it, and you try to click it, you end up creating a copy of the macro you are working on. I have never seen a "..." property selector work in this way, ever.
    • There needs to be more information about Hybrid Storage. As in, what devices are supported. We also need to be able to see what profiles are currently stored on the device, and have the ability to directly add or remove a profile from the devices onboard storage.
    • Lighting effects, lighting effects, lighting effects. I can't stress this enough. Ever since the switch from Synapse 2 to Synapse 3 my lighting effects are a mess. All of my devices under Synapse 2 had and still have no issues with keeping their lighting effects when Synapse 2 was not loaded. Meaning if I set the lighting effects on my mouse, keyboard, or gaming pad, those settings stayed even if the Synapse 2 software was not loaded, for instance if I booted using a Linux Live CD. Under Synapse 3, my devices revert to the factory default spectrum cycling, and continue to look like a computer built for the Ringling Circus until the Synapse 3 background services load. This is usually in excess of 30 seconds. I'm a little miffed as to why this is happening, and it seems like a huge regression; admittedly, Chroma Studio effects never saved under Synapse 2, but quick lighting effects seemed to.
    • UI Latency is absolutely horrible. Clicking between things does not feel smooth. While Synapse 2 exhibited some of this behavior, it is even more prevalent in Synapse 3.
    Like many I purchased my devices for not only functionality, but looks as well. If anything bothers me, it is the lighting effect issue stated above. I would be nice if all my hardware matched from the moment I pressed the power button on my tower.
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  2. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    #1 : Yup, definitely annoying. Scheduled to be fixed in the next patch.

    #2 All of this is already implemented in Synapse 3. The devices that have hybrid storage will have this icon in Synapse UI.


    Clicking on the icon will show all your profile slots, and allow you to manage them.

    #3 - This is the expected behavior for Synapse 3 and a conscious design choice. All lighting effects are driven by Synapse itself. This allows us to add support for new effects to devices, play effects across devices, update effects based on community feedback and free up the processing power on the input devices (their own microprocessors) taken up by driving lighting effects.

    #4 - Yes, definitely true. We are working on optimizing UI performance and resource consumption with each new patch.
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  3. Tulukaruk

    Tulukaruk New Member

    I was more referring to a comprehensive list of devices that will support this feature when Synapse 3 becomes a stable release. I don't own a Lancehead so I wasn't aware that the feature was implemented. I'm not sure what qualifies a devices for hybrid storage, as I assume most all devices have some sort of memory

    That makes sense, and I understand the rational behind this, but if saving Microprocessor overhead is one of the considerations for this, would it not be best to just disable lighting effects completely until Synapse 3 loads? Spectrum cycling, as I understand it, would require more overhead as each color change requires cycling through bit words under assembly to achieve the effect, versus having a solid color, or no color at all. I completely understand how advanced light effects could become a performance issue, with that said, the ability to set a single solid color, or turn off lighting effects until Synapse 3 loads would be an acceptable alternative imho.

    Glad to hear that. Keep up the good work!

    The only other issue I have is inserting delays between keystrokes for macros. I'm not really sure if the delay on the key down is before or after pressing the key, same for key up. That is not really clear.
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  4. #3 The actual behaviour is not acceptable for me. I will rest on Synapse 2 when on Synapse 3 the lighting effects cannot take effect without it to load. Sorry
  5. dawid_1337

    dawid_1337 New Member

    Regarding #3:
    Just build in a switch for the user... Does he want "maximum performance without overhead" or does he want "the color schemes you want - everytime!".
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