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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Another major bug-fix release today (3.3.1012.101219) with another ~300 bugs closed off.

    Most noticeable changes :
    • Synapse getting stuck on "Starting... " on fresh install in some corner cases.
    • Fixed bug where devices with On-board memory not correctly saving polling rates and brightness level in their on-board profile slots.
    • Fixed bug with Chroma studio properties.
    • Bug with Tartarus V2 diagonal direction movement.
    • Fixed bug where macro does not stop when key assigned to "Toggle" or "Play when pressed".
    • Fixed behavior of "Sensitivity stages" toggle for mice.
    • Fixed issue with media key shortcuts not working properly under specific scenarios
    • Fixed a bunch of issues caused when switching between different windows accounts
    • Fixed issue with wave direction being reversed for Chroma HDK inside Chroma Studio.
    • Performance improvements for profile/keymap switching with Tartarus V2 and Naga Trinity.
    • Fixed bug where Philips Hue lights would turn "Off" on lock-screen.
    • Fixed a bunch of bugs related to Windows 1809 patch.
    Also included under-the-hood are 99.9% of bug fixes required to re-enable import/export functionality for Chroma Studio. However, we found a critical issue in the last moments before this release, so the import/export options still remain hidden in the UI. We hope to have that one last bug fixed and the import/export option enabled again with small hotfix next week.

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  2. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    <reserving for post about next patch>
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I remember at first time there was some bugs noticed on Blade 15 Synapse 3 but after a week it was gone.
    Anyway 300 bugs... that’s a lot numbers, great works guys!
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  4. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Glad to hear you've had a positive experience.

    To be fair, we dedicate the same amount of care to all our products, but software bugs for laptops are usually much easier to fix because the hardware, firmware, OS and drivers (after Customer Support troubleshooting) is 100% identical, and the bugs are easier to reproduce (and hence fix).
  5. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Oh, Fanboy !
    Delivering a product with 300 Bugs ! Yes very cool quality !
    If your car has 300 bugs, and not some like "cannot drive on a moon.. but cannot driver on an earth street", but the car has nice green color ??? "YES" you would like it, because it's a Razer Car.

    Some kind of you will be al lonely happy boy ???
  6. Lusabit

    Lusabit Active Member

    Seriously: if a company has more more than 300 strange bugs on a software driver for some devices, after at least more than ONE YEAR (!!!!) , than this company has a serious problem
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  7. Gr3yStar

    Gr3yStar New Member

    You obviously have no clue on how software development works (or English for that matter) so maybe keep quiet and let the big boys talk?
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  8. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    You don't sell a product with software that isn't working correctly. That's a no no.
    Taking people's money and then releasing a buggy (in beta) software is not good enough.
    It's poor business practice no matter how you cut it.
    Sure, there'll be bugs, that's inevitable, but the software (portion of the product) should be in working order with all features working as intended before release.
    Additionally, there should be no depreciation in features of the new software compared to the old.
    Why would your strategy be for your new products to remove features that were useful to the user. How is that helping your business?

    There were just too many issues with this Synapse 3 software for a long amount of time that dissuaded me from even trying to spend the time and effort to get all my mappings set up etc etc.
    When one buys a product, one does not expect to have to either test, or wait for the product to be tested thoroughly enough before it can be used as intended.

    In particular, the Razer Tartarus V2 is one of the products that were sold that only were planned to be used with Synapse 3.0. Razer has been taking people's money for almost a year! but not delivering a working product.
    The 'software' portion is 'part of' the product. It should be working at the time of sale.
  9. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Yes 300 bugs but the besic ones still are preset like hue ligts dont tern off then exit overwatch pre-build profile great and nommo pro where you cannot set sound enchancment to specific profile like default THX and game Dolby becose you must do it manual so you must exit game or con+alt+del go to synapse change sound and go to game when you exit go back and change one more time it's annoing, I send feedback and speak with the softwere theam but the fanny thing is they say the same as support team. I say only this i know is alot of work to make device work on softwere without any issue but you prepare nommo pro almost 8 months and this the same with hue but there was a year
  10. Razer_TheFiend

    Razer_TheFiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I don't fully agree with that, actually... There is no point in re-building and maintaining features that were not being used.

    Some features were removed as a trade-off for a different newer features; e.g. Chroma studio being multi-device means advanced lighting profiles can't be saved into the profile of a single device. We had a metric-ton of requests in Synapse 2 days from people complaining about inability to sync devices when using advanced effects. Chroma Studio addresses that completely, and it opens up a world of new possibilities for configuration, and was deemed to be a worthy trade-off.

    You are full entitled to disagree with the design choices, but we can't really please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

    On the subject of Tartarus V2, we can't retroactively go back in time and fix the issues in the past (since we didn't know they existed), so we've done the next best thing and fixed them for the latest release. I have been dedicating time personally to test the Tartarus V2 with latest build and I'm confident there are no further functional issues with it.

    If those are your major gripes with the software, then I'll just take it as a validation for us accomplishing our bug-fix goals.

    Regarding Hue lights, that's not a bug, it's just how Hue lights are designed. They remain in the "last state" when they stop receiving lighting commands. Hue's own "Hue Play" app has the same behavior. This isn't something Razer can control.

    For Nommo Pro, you can always create 2 multiple profiles with your desired settings and link them to specific games/apps as needed in "Profiles" tab. We don't have any reports of it not working.
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  11. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    Your company did a NO NO in the first place. The 'Principle' of the matter is, again, selling an incomplete product.
    Your company had no issues in taking my money early this year when (especially when) the Synapse 3 was in a very poor state and one could easily consider the Tartarus V2 unusable at that time and for a while going forward.

    Your company (in my opinion) had the ability to get the Tartarus V2 working under the Synapse 2 software UNTIL such time that the software was mature enough to support all features intended, yet chose not to.
    Lighting is one thing. Being able to reliably use the product is another.

    My biggest gripe at this point with the Tartarus V2 is the removal of the assign macro for up/down scroll wheel.
    I don't buy that it's not possible to implement it. The product IMO is not greatly different from its predecessor.
    It doesn't matter really what kind of excuse is given. It's a poor choice and I'm not the only one who found very useful that functionality.

    My second gripe I suppose with the software is the inability (AFAIK that still exists) to assign unique D-Pad (8-directional or 4-directional) to each Keymap within the profile.

    My last gripe is (AFAIK still exists) the inability to assign multiple profiles to the same game. (So as to accomplish making mappings for unique characters within the game (esp. MMOs where one may have multiple classes and those classes require different keymappings etc).

    I'll be very happy if the above are addressed and the Synapse 3 Software is reliable and stable.
    If that can happen, then finally the money I spent back in Feb of 2018 can be put to use.

    EDIT: Oh, and the software(with latest update) does not run on boot-up as the settings I have set indicate that it should. Should I completely remove and reinstall....?
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  12. Noob_behind_you

    Noob_behind_you New Member

    Why the "Whats new" link in the Razer central had a different info on the patch? I saw something related to Razer Naga Chroma bugs and performance issues. The funny thing is that straight after the update the mouse is loosing it's calibration after each restart which is very annoing and also it started to behave strange on the liftof pulling the cursor downwards in the games. After swithinch USB ports the behavior stopped. Potential conflict with your other devices (Orbweaver & Blackwidow X TE) on the same USB lane???
  13. BowB4Cisco

    BowB4Cisco Member

    I've updated and noticed something - when I boot my pc my profiles should be on default. (they are)

    When I for example launch destiny 2., my mouse is no longer automatically switching to my destiny2.exe linked profile i setup in Synapse.

    Any ideas?
  14. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    "Fixed bug where macro does not stop when key assigned to "Toggle" or "Play when pressed"."

    I'm impressed.
  15. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    Form your post i see you dint know how philips hue work on synapse. Yes your post have sense when wynapse hue module is turn on then on every profile change light will set to new settings but i dont say the module is tern on but off. When the hue module is turn off every command to hue devices must be block on custom profiles (user profile) it work in this way but the pre-build profiles like Diablo III or Overwatch ignore the hue module module turn on lights and send them commands. It's not philips problem but syanpse and i'm afraid about the future of softwere when i read from developer this kind of post.
    Great answer i have 7 profiles one not linked usead in windows and 6 link to every game. If you say you dont hear about this issue you just read it here from me. Not every person care about setting difrent enchancment to every profile or contact local store for support on issue even not everyone can write technical issue in English. I dont see milion of people on forum who have nommo pro. It's a issue and it's annoing you force opeple to use 3 to give you feedback you have it.
    Great news but this two i write is not everything i find in synapse and i dont like when sameone say we make great work but simple things are not fixed. When is synapse installed there is error on 77% of download every time yes you can retry and start on the same % but this dont change this is issue. Chroma profiles stuck sometimes dont go auto change but they are link the only fix is go to chroma tab and change it manual then synapse change in auto mode.
  16. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    ... So now I'm sucked in to testing this paperweight(Tartarus Vs).

    .. Uninstalled and Reinstalled..

    .. Managed to get Razer Central to stick on my system tray(taskbar) on bootup..

    .. Erased and set up new profiles 2 (Game1(32bit client) & Game2(64bit client))

    .. Unable to create two profiles both linking to the same game (Game1)

    .. When launching either game, Synapse 3 does not claim/show to recognize them with an indicator Toast Notification message at bottom-right of the screen. Most of the time I don't see anything. SOMETIMES the notification might show. There's no rhythm or reason that I can find. Anyways, it's not consistent.
    (nothing being run in Administrator Mode)

    .. Tried to set up Chroma lighting profiles. I could do this, but when trying to link them to a game, the game's window was just blank with the status circle indicator spinning.. Nothing. Yet the games showed up in the Keymap profiles with no issue.

    .. Exited out and went back to Chroma. Games started to show up.

    .. Launched the games and the appropriate lighting profiles displayed on the device, yet the toast notifications refuse to show.

    .. Manually created a DEFAULT profile for the device (meaning, no games running, just Windows 10), but found when going into Chroma I could not specify a Chroma lighting profile for the DEFAULT profile I made for the device.(requires Default Profile to have some application associated with it?. I couldn't select it in the Chroma dropdown profiles either.

    .. I set up an independent DEFAULT Chroma profile, but no way to link it to the Device Default Profile...

    Additional Info:

    I have Synapse 2 running, as obviously since I can't use the Tartarus V2, I'm sticking with my Nostromo for the time being. Are there conflicts between both software?

    Device plugged into USB 3.0, unplugged and plugged back in, no change in the behavior above..

    Windows 10 Pro all up to date.

    Other Stuff: Logitech Gaming Software, SteelSeries Engine 3


    Based on the above experience, I still cannot reliably use Synapse 3.
    I will not spend tons of timing remapping and creating all my gaming profiles in this software until I have no issues.
    I do not have the time to do this. Frankly the software still does not work reliably for me.
  17. R.Naga

    R.Naga New Member

    With this update my macros get delays after some seconds running and with the previous version I had no issues.
    Example: if a macro runs for 4s, the third cycle of it ends about at 14s when it has to end at 12s.
  18. zion563

    zion563 New Member

    Well said and true!
    It is not about whether we know how software development works. That is literally absolutely irrelevant to the discussion of whether it should be REQUIRED to use after purchasing hardware. And Razer makes some nice hardware and it ain't the cheap stuff. We know how our hardware that we PURCHASED is supposed to work, and we know that we spent money on the honor system that they would hold up they're part of the bargain, which in the case of Synapse 3 has not been done.
    Honestly-just make everything compatible with the stable Synapse 2.0 while working on the shiny new Synapse 3.0. Also ask people to beta test the software and have a forum for the reporting of bugs while people buy new versions of fantastic hardware with the promise of great software to come, while happily playing games and being nice to Razer too.
    Why is that so hard when this practice is the model for so many types of software, games and even operating systems? I honestly feel duped.
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  19. zion563

    zion563 New Member

    Thank you for telling my story to...so frustrated
  20. zion563

    zion563 New Member

    Well regarding Tartarus v.2
    you said
    On the subject of Tartarus V2, we can't retroactively go back in time and fix the issues in the past (since we didn't know they existed), so we've done the next best thing and fixed them for the latest release. I have been dedicating time personally to test the Tartarus V2 with latest build and I'm confident there are no further functional issues with it.

    Not True-I still have the exact same problem I did 2 months ago when I bought it-when I use the dpad to switch keymaps, and have ticked the "Return to previous when released" after say 30-40 rapid presses I get 5-7 second delays. I can literally take my thumb off and watch the colors change the keymap display back and forth slowly with these delays. It's game breaking to say the least. I just manually updated the software to version .101209 and it STILL does it. Try it.

    If you are taking a personal interest in the Tartarus v.2-then try this. I use these keys to activate combat skills etc in games. I have used the Nostromo since it was a Belkin t52 and all the way up to my Razer Chroma Tartatrus using Synapse 2 with NEVER a problem, and have used this setup for all my games this way.

    Here's one thread to try-there are many others regarding this but it's a start
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