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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Sep 20, 2018.

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  1. Cosmic7

    Cosmic7 New Member

    Hello, I have a very big issue. The profile doesn't change when I load a game like it used in Synapse 2. Although I have made the correct profile settings and have linked the game, the lightning isn't changing. Can anyone help plz?
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  2. klepp0906

    klepp0906 Member

    fwiw the new windows update fixed the checking for updates not working. (for now)

    the gamescannerservice still runs just about perpetually using up cpu cycles until it times out and finds no games. Meanwhile i have several on my c/boot/system drive (an ssd) and a plethora on another drive (hdd). Finds nein from either/any.

    was really hoping rs5 would fix something borked between razer and windows on the OS level but the pragamatic in me knew it wasnt a windows issue.

    more waiting and manual profile switching.

    its broken for alot of people. has been for awhile. send in logs and get patient ;p
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  3. AdriKne

    AdriKne New Member

    Is there any updates for Razer Kraken 7.1 V2? Is it on the roadmap?
    I have Deathadder and blackwiddow chroma 2 both on synapse 3. just for my kraken i have to go with synapse 2 and no color syncing etc.
  4. Parthurition

    Parthurition New Member

    Razer Surround is working with Synapse 2 at the moment. As long as synapse 3 is in Beta, you should looking forward that you can use your Headphone with Synapse 2. I guess the surround sound will be very buggy, when integrated into synapse 3.
  5. klepp0906

    klepp0906 Member

    aaaaand my (for now) regarding the updater, hit the nail on the head. Stopped working. Amazing. I cannot believe this software comes from a company that turns over the kind of revenue razer does.

    I have dozens of other pieces of software on my pc. Stuff i use daily. Stuff i use monthly. Stuff thats been there for years, through plenty of backups, restores, upgrades, formats.. Works. This has never completely worked but the irony is when I first installed it xxx iterations back (i think in roughly february?) everything worked. Seems more of the core functionality broke with each update.

    As we've already established, its been entirely purged (software, appdata, and registry) and reinstalled a dozen times, its not the install, its the software itself.

    Dont mistake this for a condescending tone. Its disappointment. With a tiny pinch of desperation. Obviously ive already submitted logs several times but if theres anything else I can do to help...

    i care much less about the auto updater/updater working than I do the profile switcher and game scanner actually working. and that even less than having things like tiamat v2's added so i dont have to installed synapse 2 every time i want to change the color on those.

    Time to hire more developers razer. It was time like ~yr ago.
  6. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    Get your own internal testing and QA and stop relying on your customer-base to test your products.
    I didn't buy your Tartarus V2 for $80 early this year to have it still be a paperweight while you figure out your Synapse 3 software.
  7. PalZer0

    PalZer0 Member

    Razer does have its own internal testing and QA. However, they can't account for the infinite variations in hardware/software configuration. This means that bugs can slip through to public release because they didn't show up on internal testing.

    This is why user reports of issues are just as important as internal QA.
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  8. Zer0_Kelvin

    Zer0_Kelvin Member

    You don't sell a product with software that isn't working correctly. That's a no no.
    Taking people's money and then releasing a buggy (in beta) software is not good enough.
    It's poor business practice no matter how you cut it.
    Sure, there'll be bugs, that's inevitable, but the software (portion of the product) should be in working order with all features working as intended before release.
    Additionally, there should be no depreciation in features of the new software compared to the old.
    Why would your strategy be for your new products to remove features that were useful to the user. How is that helping your business?

    There were just too many issues with this Synapse 3 software for a long amount of time that dissuaded me from even trying to spend the time and effort to get all my mappings set up etc etc.
    When one buys a product, one does not expect to have to either test, or wait for the product to be tested thoroughly enough before it can be used as intended.
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