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Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Razer_TheFiend, Jul 22, 2019.

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  1. ReiZuke

    ReiZuke New Member

    Any plans for a system tray battery indicator? I find it rather weird that I have to go into synapse and click my devide to see the battery status. I mean, you always want to be aware of your battery status, not just see your dock go red when it's low.
    Something like this in the tray would be perfect: https://insider.razer.com/index.php?attachments/battery-png.532347/
  2. JusTTSama

    JusTTSama New Member

    Works with DeathAdder and Arctosa?
  3. Art-Styles

    Art-Styles New Member

    RazerThe_Fiend, Hello my new mouse Razer Basilisk V2 is not recognized in the synapse 3.0. How can this be solved?
  4. fnaticx

    fnaticx New Member

    I'm sorry i am trying my best to make a Topic but is not giving me the options so here it goes.

    I been using Synapse 2 for years with my Left handed Razer Naga and with the Naga is like you have and extra 8 keymaps or eight HyperShift whatever you want to call it. Example:When i use the scroll wheel click button when i leave it pressing it down i can use another keymap meaning i can change all my key binds meaning when i release my scroll wheel button it goes back to my normal key mapping and i use side buttons number eight and number 7 to go to different key mappings and once i have those keys pressed it down then i have different keymaps and when i release number seven and eight it goes back to normal keybinds so it means is like having 3 hypershift and you can have a total of eight Hypershift with Syanpse 2.0 (keymaps) using the Razer Naga but once you use Synapse 3.0 a brand new ultimate software that uses almost 300mb Ram instead of 82 mb with Synapse 2.0 you are only allowed to have one Hypershift instead of a total of eight keymaps on my old Naga left handed. Example for the ones that could not understand if i set up 2 hypershift keys in my mouse everytime i press hypershift doesn't matter which buttom it will take me to the same keybinds instead of having 2 differnet hypershift in different buttons on my mouse.

    Because the new one uses the new Synapse 3.0, can someone please do help me because this mouse cost a pretty penny and i want to use all of my keybind and now ican't use them i feel going back to my old Naga instead of using this new mouse. This situation could easy be fix if you set up different hypershift meaning more than 1 set of new keybinds.
  5. The only advise: Don't use such garbage like Synapse3
  6. fnaticx

    fnaticx New Member

    Would be nice then if the newer mouses would work with Synapse 2.0 at least.
  7. Merzhinhudour

    Merzhinhudour New Member

    Still can't use Synapse 3 with my Naga Epic Chroma, and a lot of users can't use it with their peripherals neither. This is definitely not a good way to make customers stay.
    If we need to choose between buying new stuff or be unable to use the latest software and enhancements, then a lot of us will make the third choice, go buy somewhere else.
  8. Jagerbomber9

    Jagerbomber9 New Member

    It's nice that the update notes haven't been updated in over a year.
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  9. BlackFireDragon

    BlackFireDragon Well-Known Member

    After changing my old naga to new naga pro changing the chroma profile lights is still pain. I feel like one simple solution can help with this. First list of devices there are use in synapse online/offline or showing offline devices in profile tab with delete button next "show offline devies" in chroma studio to select all or specific devices to set chroma lightning to consumer preference. This will
  10. gino2780

    gino2780 New Member

    Hello, for future updates i hope that Razer Synapse shows razer docks independently when you have more than just one and make them configure independently from each other (e. g. one mouse + dock for desktop/windows use and one dock + mouse for gaming purposes). Looking forward to.
  11. 01726

    01726 New Member

    Where can I get a link to the 3.0 version beta to try out to see if it fixes my devices not be detected. Please
  12. Please Allow for more than one razer chroma addressable RGB controller!
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