[Synapse 3 update] // 31-Jan-2019 // Release announcement

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by RazerThe_Fiend, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. SDMF74

    SDMF74 New Member

    I have a razer basilisk and have been using this software for a while now and I keep having this problem. I have uninstalled synapse and reinstalled it several times and it seems to only check for updates right after a fresh install but after that EVERY TIME I CLICK "CHECK FOR UPDATES" NOTHING HAPPENS!

    This has occurred with the last few versions of the software so it is an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed.
    Its a newer pc with updated bios & up to date windows 10 pro.

    Please fix this ongoing issue?
  2. Icebergupbiz610

    Icebergupbiz610 New Member

    Was thinking about buying a Razer Basilisk just because I like it, and I thought I would be nice to sync with my keyboard. No point though really as I still can't use Synapse 3 for my Orbweaver Chroma which is always sitting to the left of my Blackwidow Elite.

    In fact I'm so pissed off about your inability to get your shit together when it comes to "legacy" support (I don't consider it legacy if you're still selling them BTW) that I doubt I'll ever buy another Razer product in the future.

    Especially not when Steel Series is beating the pants off you when it comes to both hardware and software.

    Good luck with your long-overdue fade into obscurity!
  3. Dissenter7

    Dissenter7 New Member

    This is an absolutely prefect example of why I am losing faith in Razer. It is your software so you are literally the only ones that can do anything about it, yet your support rep says this...
    After going around in circles for a while, I was given a completely different answer.
    So... can anyone from Razer's team confirm or deny any of this? Any kind of time frame you can attach to this? I've been waiting for a long time to be able to have things as simple as color sync between my peripherals... Chroma is sorta supposed to be your thing, but right now you suck at it.
  4. mecartistronico

    mecartistronico New Member

    Please add Orbweaver support to Synapse 3 !!
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  5. jviperj

    jviperj New Member

    Yet what people are asking for is support for peripherals! I looked at a few of your products, but as I have the Orbweaver Chroma, which was recently updated, and it still runs on Synapse 2.0, I am not feeling too inclined for other purchases. There are many horror stories of the 2 software's conflicting and just the fact of excess background programs running. When most hardware manufacturers can port "legacy" legacy hardware to newer iterations of their software, I wonder why your company has remained afloat. This is a very negative selling point especially when all I see is people asking for support of things like the Orbweaver or Wolverine and you won't address the issue. These are expensive peripherals that would be expected to be supported by the manufacturer.
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  6. MagusRazer

    MagusRazer New Member

    This issue introduced with 3.3.1012.101219 on 18th of October 2018 is actually fixed with the 25.4.2019 update. Don't know what to say. Hm. I will never update Synapse 3.0 again.
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