Synapse 3 won't download with TLS

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by dannymac63, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. dannymac63

    dannymac63 New Member

    Can you guys set Synapse 3 up to automatically pick TLS (https)? If unavailable, revert to the insecure version (http)?

    Pretty annoying to not be able to download any of your software at a secure site, due only to some extremely lazy coding. I mean, the service is running, I can download the buggy software manually, but can't force the installer to pull the https:// version of the website when it's trying to update or install the packages as a set. Since you guys have multiple subdomains, a typical user may not know which one the hidden process is trying to reach, and might not even be able to submit an exception report to allow it through.

    For example:

    is blocked by standard security policy at almost any business organization...non-secure link, executable file, hold the phone. Typically when that's the case, the alternative:

    isn't even an option to download from manually. You guys went through the trouble of setting it up, but never allowing a user to utilize it if need be.
Thread Status:
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