Synapse not working with mic properly

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by coolDarkChestnutegg076, May 21, 2018.

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  1. Hi, im using razer man'o'war headset and i have an software issue with synapse. When i try to monitor my microphone with synapse it sounds good but changing any of the settings like sensitivity o ambient noise reduction wont change anything.
    When i monitor the mic through the win10 sound settings it sounds much worse but moving the synapse sliders actually do change the quality of sound.
    The problem is that while using discord i sound like a garbage.
    I've set the proper microphone to be used in app. But it seems like it uses the quality i hear from windows not from the synapse. Im not sure but it seems like the synapse doesnt override the windows audio drivers or something. Or maybe i miss some headset drivers?
    I installed synapse and surround.
    Could someone try helping me out?
    Sorry for bad english.
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  2. Anyone has an idea?
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  3. joselemos0869

    joselemos0869 New Member

    Sorry I don´t have any problem like that.
    Try reinstall you audio drivers and reinstall synapse, if doesn´t work, try contact the razer support.
    Good Luck :)
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