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Synapse should write the lighting configs to the onboard memory

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by vankasteelj, Dec 27, 2018.

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  1. vankasteelj

    vankasteelj New Member

    I've got a BlackWidow Chroma V2 and a Lancehead TE. And those horrible "stock wave" coloring when booting were horrible. I wondered why my settings couldn't be embded inside the onboard memory of the keyboard and the mouse, replacing the ugly stock animations.

    And this is what the official Razer support said to me on november 2017:
    > I am afraid that the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition
    > does not have on-board memory, so therefore, both change
    > to the default lighting option. The Razer Lancehead wireless
    > does have internal memory.
    > In regards our keyboard, I am afraid that, currently, all of them
    > do no have on-board memory either.

    Sadden that I paid almost 200$ for a keyboard and a mouse without something as basic as a few Kb of onboard memory to store the settings, I moved on.

    But then, two days ago, after a SSD change, I installed Linux on my machine. Thus, I looked for a Synapse alternative, on Ubuntu. I used openrazer in combination with RazerGenie, two open-source programs made by the community. After some workarounds (the Lancehead TE isn't supported, for example) and digging in obscure source codes, I finally managed to have both my BlackWidow Chroma and my Lancehead TE working (rgb-wise) on Linux.

    AND GUESS WHAT? Those puppies do have internal memory, because the settings I chose fired up on start, in the UEFI-BIOS and while Windows booted up. It quickly went away once Synapse booted on Windows, and overwrote everything.

    So I uninstalled Synapse from Windows. I booted on Linux again, and configurated the keyboard and the mouse lightings. Then booted back on Windows. And everything works, life is beautiful and Razer devices finally work as they should have from the start.


    Sooooo, maybe Razer Synapse could be coded correctly? If enthousiasts can do it, so should the official dev team.
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