Synapse3 is so buggy and unstable I can't even use my mouse.

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by FranBunnyFFXII, Jan 4, 2018.

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  1. FranBunnyFFXII

    FranBunnyFFXII New Member

    I bought a Naga Trinity for competitive gaming. But Synapse3 is so buggy and unstable that it is making my mouse unusable.

    I spent $110 on this mouse to replace my previous Naga, and it doesn't even work the way it should.

    I constantly have to restart my PC to get the software to load, and sometimes when I do launch razer central, Synapse doesn't even work.

    This is insanely frustrating, considering how much I spent on this mouse.
    I've already uninstalled and reinstalled razer synapse3 multiple times, and Synapse3 even crashes when uninstalling.
    Synapse3 is even now causing rebooting issues that didnt happen before.

    Synapse2 didnt do this, but I can't use this mouse with synapse2, which infuriating.
  2. ttaylor

    ttaylor New Member

    I've noticed today that the software will not run at all. I've uninstalled it completely and reinstalled it a couple times today. I restarted and my computer updated so maybe there's a windows update that's interfering with it. Good luck getting in touch with Razer though about the problem. I've never been able to get through to anyone other than the automated responses.

    Synapse was working just fine yesterday but this morning it won't load for anything.
  3. th3r4pt0r

    th3r4pt0r Member

    There's an ongoing server issue with Razer IDs... You won't be able to log in or do anything for that matter.
  4. ttaylor

    ttaylor New Member

    Makes Sense. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just keep checking in periodically to see if it wants to work again.
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