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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by ThirdTemple, Nov 1, 2018.

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  1. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Could we please have a mod or staffer confirm whether the RP2 will be sold through T-Mobile as OnePlus 6T is.

    Also, it was tweeted by Razer's president that Project Linda woukd be looked into. Do we have any status on this?

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  2. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    I am hanging on to my Razer Phone just for LINDA, so I am also waiting for some sort of update on this as well. If there are no updates, just sad on Razer's part. They started the "gaming" phone idea, but others are taking it more seriously.
  3. Gills4prem

    Gills4prem New Member

    Found this
  4. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Crowd funded. Couldn't find an active link to purchase. Will have to investigate further. Thanks.
  5. xDanger65

    xDanger65 Member VANGUARD

    Man, I'd love a project linda to mess around with. Was hoping that given the RP2 is the same size as RP1 we'd get one
  6. Gills4prem

    Gills4prem New Member

    I pay to use a service called shadow turns any android pc laptop into a £2000 pc. Works brilliantly on android.

    Here is code if you want to try with discount KEVK5WZ4

    Project linda would be amazing with this...
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  7. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Razer signed an exclusive agreement with AT&T.

    Damn it!!!!!!

    Why not T-Mobile!?!?!?
  8. Gills4prem

    Gills4prem New Member

    I'm from uk no T-Mobile here any more joined up with orange to make EE.
  9. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    Dear Razer,

    Any news on selling through T-Mobile?

    You guys see the new RP2 Tweet: Screenshot_20181201-203619_1.png
    My response would be surfing the net on my Razer Phone 1 because T-Mobile isn't selling the RP2.
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  10. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    About the picture both of them look sexy, great marketing for gamers...boys:big_grin_:
  11. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

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