Tactical Communication Gaming Headset

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Would you purchase a tactical looking gaming headset with Razer quality hearing?

  1. Yes, TAC me up!

  2. Nah, don't see the point.

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  1. BlackDog1247

    BlackDog1247 New Member

    Hello fellow Razer users, and Razer developers. My name is Brandon and I've been a long time user over the Razer product. I come here to the forums to talk about an idea and dream as you might put to create a tactical looking gaming headset to get away from all this typical looking headset styles and create a new style.

    I am an active duty member of the U.S. Army, an Engineer who operates heavy construction equipment. I've been in the military for about 4 years now. I have been an avid video gamer for much longer.

    I use all types of hearing protection in the military field and have used many different gaming headsets in the gaming world. Peltor Comtac headsets are by far some of the best military headsets out there and Razer is by for one of the best video game headset creators out there. Both are great communication companies doing two different jobs. I come to the fourms seeking attention to making such a product that would look similar to what a military tactical headset would be with gaming components. I would love to venture and make my own design on such a topic as I think it would be a popular purchase, because lets' be honest, everyone loves the look of military style gear and buys it worldwide.

    I bring this topic forward in light of veterans who use gaming as a tool to cope with PTSD and personal stress in life. A lot of military personal use gaming as a way to get away from the day to day military stressors and personal trauma that may have been experienced. I can say in full confidence that gaming has saved military personal. Saved them by getting them away from that dark place where they were. Saved them from staying in that bad mindset. They find new social aspects in the gaming community and within video games.

    I never have streamed a video game before however I plan to start a new challenge to bring veteran suicide awareness to attention by playing a video game for 1 hour or more with a military combat helmet on. ACH. I've been looking to get into helping my veteran community any way I can, and I think creating such a design and using this challenge and sending profits of this design to nonprofit veteran organizations that help soldiers that are struggling is what I would love to see and I think Razer can help with all this.

    Veterans play video games, and they need headsets to play those video games. Razer is a headset company, and damn fine gaming headset company. I would love Razers help with this if at all possible to make this dream come true, and help our veteran community. Soldiers go through a lot and video games are a great way to get away from what we go through.

    Thank you for your time to read this.
    - Brandon
  2. specwolf82

    specwolf82 New Member

    I gotta admit, it saved me when returned home, after months of being deployed at the pentagon (military police) after 9/11.. this is a fantastic idea and I hope you can make it turn to fruition
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