Tartarus/Orbweaver, the weakness

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by DictatorShadow, Mar 21, 2018.

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  1. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

    I've finally discovered what it is that makes the Keypads so "meh" when it comes to any shooter games, and what makes it so difficult to adapt to.

    The goal of the Orbweaver and the Tartarus is to put more power in the thumb. It accomplishes this by adding 9 more buttons where the thumb can press. But it is difficult to adjust to this.

    The real key in the keypads is the pinkie finger. In order to give more versatility to the thumb, Razer's design team took away the pinkie finger.

    Think about it...
    Normal keyboard
    Thumb: Spacebar and Lalt
    Pinkie: Lshift, Lctrl,
    Razer Keypad
    Thumb: Space, alt, +8 other options on the circle
    Pinkie: Lshift

    In most FPS games. Ctrl and Shift are used extensively. The issue with the keypads is you can't combine ctrl+shift+space in a way similar to keyboards
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  2. Flaim

    Flaim New Member

    you mean the KRO gets triggered when you try to hit more than 2 buttons, or you just havent thought of rebinding 11 to shift and 16 to ctrl?
  3. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

    I use a tartarus 1.0 so 11=capslock and 16=shjift right?

    It really isn't comfortable to rest my pinkie on caps lock, it throws off my ring finger
  4. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    Yes there is a big learning curve for the numpads some competition just use the keys to make it easier without the thump pad
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