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Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by Sylias, Mar 23, 2018.

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  1. Sylias

    Sylias New Member

    I love your products and really want to stand by them. I have been a customer for over 14 years. I first bought a Nostromo speed pad by Belkin around 2003 then I bought the Belkin n52 Speed pad. Followed by the Razer Nostromo pad. At first I was annoyed with synapsis as it would not allow me to bind hey map shift stats correctly and I would auto run while playing world of warcaft. I then re configured all my key bindings in game to stop this from happening and stopped use sing the shift states as I would with the Belkin version to get it to work correctly. After a while you guys came out with the Tartarus pad. Which I bought and hated the thumb stick as this is what I use to key map swap. When you’re in the thick of a raid or PVP knowing what direction you truly are in is more beneficial than having a 360 degree stick, you may press North West instead of true North. However I got used to it, and the bugs that happened with the old Nostormo razer were fixed so I was finally able to use either the Nostromo pad or the Tartarus pad as how they were intended to be played on.

    After 3 years and two different version ( I had to buy the Chromia one to match my Naga Epic and Ornata keyboard) on the Tartarus pad I got used to it even though synapses would sometime just close and lock up in the middle of healing in a mythic raid, and my issue with the thumb stick being analog instead of a traditional D-Pad. I was still ok with your products. Guildies would complain about your stuff telling me to go to Logitech or corsair and I would defend Razer because I have been a customer for over 14 years. And I really love the Nostromo pad

    When you released the Tartarus version 2 I was ridiculously happy I bought it without reading up on it or even really looking at it. No questions asked this was going to be perfect. Couldn’t wait to get it was so happy. Then I get it……………Mind you I didn’t even need it, and now I’m returning it because it is useless in every way

    If you truly value your customers and really want your products to be the best for gamers by gamers as you say. Take the advice of a 14 year MMO gamer who was spent thousands of dollars on PC’s and your products. I have wasted countless hours, ignored family members decided to not go out to raid, called in sick to work for an expansion drop, all the memes that go along with gaming I live by (mind you I am a 43 year old adult with kids, wife, and engineer at a successful communication company. Also I keep myself in shape so maybe I’m not living up to the stereotype)

    What to do to make this product truly for gamers by gamers

    1. Do not release a product that is unable to key map swap correctly. If this is a bug as customer service has said then this was not truly tested. It makes this product completely useless. If hyper shift is supposed to be the future then it needs to have more than 1 shift state. If you do this then you can get rid of key maps. I get that hyper shift is not a replacement for key maps it’s to be used cross products (i.e.: press a button on a mouse as hypershift and your Tartarus key will shift change on the fly). Also it does not help that a key map state change does not have the option to switch back when released

    2. This product does not need an extra row of buttons on top. That’s what the Orbweaver is for, and why myself and others that love the Nostromo pad and still use them and did not go and buy an Orbweaver. After years of muscle memory I cannot use this new layout. It would be great to start from scratch probably but all the new people out there may not buy this. If I was starting from scratch I may chose the Orbweaver. You should go back to the original layout or give us options for either. The extra row makes you need to reach and you lose your place, also its not comfortable

    3. Give better traction to the bottom so it does not move around

    In closing I would like to say I spent 8 hours trying to get my Tartarus v2 to work I have returned it. I worked with different customer support reps, all were nice I have no complaints other then you put a product on the market that does not work. Or we can just blame the software, either way I really do not want to see this product fail because I would probably stop playing wow if I could not use a Nostromo pad, or a Tartarus pad designed to be like a Nostromo pad. Even if you get the software right which I’m sure you will. I can’t use it due to the extra row. I will continue to buy used Nostromo/Tartarus pads as long as I can.

    I really hope that someone who has a say in the design reads this. I would even be willing to talk about it, test stuff without getting any compassion other than getting a product that is for gamers by gamers.

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  2. Sylias

    Sylias New Member

    I would like to add it cost me 15 dollars to ship this back.... It pays to buy from amazon.
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